2 Crore Illegal Immigrants Threaten India’s Security, Demographic Profile

Updated on 9 Sep, 2017 at 10:22 pm


Rohingya Muslims forcing their way into India has the country grappling with a problem of plentiful of immigrants already having made illegal inroads into the country, which Kiren Rijju, union minister for home, had even apprised parliament about turning into a security threat that even had the potential to change demographics in many places.

With the number of illegal immigrants having surpassed a mammoth 2 crore people, there are reports that many of these immigrants have obtained ration cards, Aadhar and voter ids so as to pass of as legitimate Indian citizens.

There are more than 2 crore illegal immigrants in the country. Oneindia

With the Supreme Court of India seized of the matter about Rohingya Muslim refugees having made their way into India from Myanmar, the government has expressed an urgent need to deport the illegal immigrants back to their original countries.

The centraly home ministry estimates that there are about 40,000 Rohingya Muslims in India. The highest number being in Jammu and Kashmir, where as per records of UNHCR as many as 11,000 refugees are registered.

A few days ago, while hearing a petition filed by two Rohingya Muslims, the Supreme Court had sought the Center’s stand on the issue of deportation. The centeral government is expected to reply on September 11, when the matter comes up for hearing. The Center is also expected apprise the court about the data of illegal immigrants in the country.

Apart from the Rohingya Muslims, as per the official data, there are about 2 crore Bangladeshi illegal immigrants in the country.

Kiren Rijiju had let Rajya Sabha know that this entire business of illegal immigration as well as sourcing the important documents may change the entire demography of the country:

There are reports of Bangladeshi nationals having entered the country without valid travel documents. Since entry of such Bangladeshi nationals into the country is clandestine and surreptitious, it is not possible to have accurate data of such Bangladeshi nationals living in the various parts of the country. As per available inputs, there are around 20 million (2 crore) illegal Bangladeshi migrants staying in India.

Most of the illegal immigrants take shelter in Haryana, Jammu, Hyderabad, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, a government reports states.

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