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Traditional Sweets From Every Corner Of India That You Should Try At Least Once

Updated on 14 August, 2018 at 6:38 pm By

I am a full-blooded Bengali and, a proud one too! Expectedly, a perfect fit to most of the stereotypes around the bongs including the fact of being a sweet lover. I have formed an inseparable bond with sweets since the time I began to realize the magic of this vast world called food. Till today sweet is something that I absolutely love and thus writing this article was more fun than work. Though I won’t lie, penning down about all these delicious sweets of India did make me a little hungry!


So, while I try my hands on some delicious dessert at the nearest sweet shop, you enjoy these 29 special sweet dishes from every state of India.


1. Andhra Pradesh


Sweets of India from Andra Pradesh


The popular Qubani ka Meetha has apricot as the showstopper. In fact, the dish gets its name from the fruit itself as ‘Qubani’ is the Urdu word for apricot.



2. Arunachal Pradesh


Sweets of India Arunachal Pradesh


Traditionally prepared during Tibetan/Sherpa New Year or Losar, this biscuit like sweet is a specialty that you will savor. With different shapes, these crispy items melt in your mouth leaving a trace of its sweetness.


3. Assam


Sweets of India Assam


For all the layman out there, you can say that it is a type of pancake. Prepared during special occasions, this Assamese delicacy contains rice, jaggery, and sesame. Generally, it is eaten hot just after preparing. The only problem with this sweet is to stop yourself from eating them right out of the pan.


4. Bihar


Sweets of India Bihar



You will become a true fan of this crunchy sweet for sure. Extremely popular in Bihar, it is often stuffed with dry fruits. Mainly made of wheat flour and sugar, this is a delicacy that is too tempting to miss.


5. Chhattisgarh


Special sweet of Chattisgarh


This scrumptious dessert is made using a batter of rice and curd along with other items like ghee, cashew, and almonds. It is tasty dumplings soaked in sugar syrup and often referred to as the ‘Rice Gulab Jamun’.


6. Goa


Sweets of India in Goa


Bebinca from Goa is an absolute delight to experience. However, before talking about the taste you must know that it is extremely gorgeous to look at. This pudding is a type of traditional Indo-Portuguese dessert with seven layers.


7. Gujarat


Sweets of India in Gujarat


Basundi is a sweetened condensed milk that is extremely popular in the state of Gujarat. The first time I tasted this dish I was drowned in its creamy sweet favor. Not to forget the dry fruits added on to its deliciousness.


8. Haryana


Kheer is the specialty of Haryana and one of the best Sweets of India


One of the most common sweets of India is actually a delicacy in Haryana.


9. Himachal Pradesh


Sweets of India in HImachal Pradesh


Mittha is an awesome dessert from the Himachal Pradesh that will make your taste buds, as well as, soul very happy. This mushy sweet will turn your heart into a happy puddle with its deliciousness.


10. Jammu & Kashmir


Sweets of India from Jammu and Kashmir


Prepared with an abundance of dry fruits, this is a heavy sweet dish that you will love to explore. It is a bowlful of goodness that you should definitely try once in your life. Much like the beauty of J&K, it is also one of the most gorgeous looking sweets of India.


11. Jharkhand


Sweets of India Jharkhand

If you have tasted Malpua then you will agree when I say that this desi pancake can give tough competition to the western desserts. Extremely mouthwatering, it’s also popular in other states of India.


12. Karnataka


Sweets of India in Karnataka


Originally called Mysuru Paaka, this is one of such sweets of India that is prepared using pure ghee. Mysore Pak is generally prepared using gram flour and has a rich golden-yellow hue. It is an absolute pleasure to see and eat this delicious dessert.


13. Kerala


Sweets of India, specialty of Kerala


Ilayappam is a specially prepared dish from ‘God’s own country’. This traditional dish is made using rice flour along with a coconut-jaggery filling. It is one of the most-loved sweets of India.


14. Madhya Pradesh


Sweets of India, Madhya Pradesh


Imagine dough made of mava and small balls are prepared with it along with stuffing of nuts. Sounds delicious? Wait! Then it’s deep fried and dipped in sugar syrup. Yummy! Don’t tell me you are not craving for such deliciousness. The crispiness and rich texture of this Indian sweet is something everyone will love.


15. Maharashtra


Maharastra special Sweets of India


This is one of such sweets of India that serves as a nice breakfast besides being a popular dessert. Prepared mainly during special occasions, it is simply amazing to savor.


16. Manipur


Sweets of India from Manipur


If we have to give an English name to this amazing mouthwatering dish then that would be ‘Sweet dumplings in Milk’. The first time I tasted Madhurjan Thongba, all I wanted was to keep on eating. Once you have tried it, you will feel the same too!


17. Meghalaya


Meghalaya, Sweets of India


Known for its palatable flavors, Pukhlein is extremely easy to prepare and absolutely delicious to eat. With flour as the base, this golden-brown dessert is surely one of the tastiest sweets of India.

18. Mizoram


Sweets of India Mizoram


Made with rice flour and banana, Koat Pitha is small balls of joy that you can pop in your mouth anytime. Crispy outside and soft inside, it’s definitely one of the most loved sweets of India.


19. Nagaland


Specialty of Nagaland, Sweets of India


Nap Naang looks gorgeous! Black in color, it’s absolutely one of such sweets of India that will not fail to mesmerize you.


20. Odisha


Sweets of India from Odisha


I have many friends in Odisha and every time they took a trip to West Bengal, Chhena poda is something they always got for me. The reason being, this sweet is so delicious that you can go on eating it.


21. Punjab


Sweets of India from Punjab


Pinni is eaten mostly in winter and is made from desi ghee. To celebrate the festive flavor of the hour this is a perfect sweet.


22. Rajasthan


Rajasthan, Sweets of India


The first time I tasted Ghevar, I absolutely hated it. Too much of ghee and sweetness evoked a sense of distaste for this sweet in me. A few years later when I again tried again (from an authentic Rajasthani sweet shop), I fell in love with this sweet. Have you ever tried it?


23. Sikkim


Sweets of India in Sikkim


This ring-shaped sweet is not only famous in India but in Nepal too. Sel Roti is prepared using rice along with other ingredients.


24. Tamil Nadu


Tamil Nadu special Sweets of India


As the name clearly suggests, it is prepared during the auspicious occasion of Pongal.


25. Telangana


Telengana, Sweets of India


Poornam Boorelu is again a deep fried sweet dish of India that is prepared during Sankranthi -the harvest festival.

26. Tripura


Sweets of India from Tripura


Awan Bangwi is not only tasty but easily one of the most unique sweets of India. This sweet is prepared by using a mixture of rice, cashews sauteed in ghee, and raisins in banana leave then steaming them. It is a kind of dessert that is interesting to cook too.


27. Uttarakhand


Sweets of India, Uttarakhand

Personally, I find the name Bal Mithai to be very cute. Similar to chocolate fudge in looks, it is made with roasted khoya.


28. Uttar Pradesh


Sweets of India from Uttar Pradesh


There is a certain pleasure that is indescribable when the semi-solid pieces of peda slowly melt in your mouth. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most popular sweets in India.


29. West Bengal


Sweets of India from West Bengal



For me, Rosogolla is the best sweet there can be! Of course, being a Bengali I love these soft-sugary balls of deliciousness. And, not only in Bengal but this is one such sweet of India that is popular all over the nation. Made with chhena and semolina, presently it also comes in many flavors.


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