This 26-Year-Old Gamer Made Rs 70 Crore In A Year. Here’s How

5:59 pm 4 Jan, 2019


Fortnite is a very popular game, and it is not just making the company’s CEO rich, but it is also showering wealth on the gamers. We are talking about ‘Ninja’, who made Rs 70 crore in 2018 by playing Fortnite. Do you know how? Well, it’s not through YouTube.

His full name is Tyler Blevins, who goes by the name ‘Ninja’ on Twitch. Twitch is a popular live video streaming website. Owned by Amazon, it is primarily used for streaming video games.




What’s noteworthy is that rather than locking his content and making users pay to watch it,  he streams himself playing the game for free. He makes most of the money by asking for donations and subscriptions.

There are many ‘streamers’ out there, but Ninja is different from them all. Apart from being incredibly skilled at Fortnite, he knows how to throw a show and charm the audience. Due to this quality, he has gained a sizable fan following, both online and offline. And therefore, in just a year after rising to fame, he has made multiple appearances on various talk shows.



However, it’s (money making) is not as easy as it sounds. People might think that he makes an incredible amount of money by just playing games, but Ninja works for at least fifteen hours a day, five days a week. And this is just his playing time. It does not include his other responsibilities that come with being a popular celebrity. Other than this, he constantly stays active on social media for his fans.




Fortnite’s popularity is growing rapidly, just as Blevins’. Fortnite is currently the most watched game on Twitch. It’s so popular that it was also featured in YouTube Rewind 2018. Surprisingly, it also appeared in many porn searches last year!

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