25 Tiny But Meaningful Ways To Save The Planet

7:00 am 8 May, 2014

Thanks to the horrid rise in the temperature, we’re all aware of the fact that Global Warming isn’t a myth—and if it continues this way, well, we may all be extinct in less than a century. No, we’re not aiming to produce wrinkles on your faces, but yes, it is high time we stop lecturing on saving the planet, and do something worthwhile. So, guys, let’s gear up and follow these basic things by which we can, to some extent, restore the normalcy of the planet.


25. Say No To Plastic Bags

Let’s start with the cliché — stop using plastic bags while shopping or carrying stuff; it isn’t only harmful for the planet, but also looks gross. Say No To Plastic Bags

24. Smart Electronic Products

Invest in quality electronics and try to use them for as many days as possible — you won’t be considered odd, trust us! Smart-Electronic-Products

23. Believe, A.C. Is Menace

Stop using much A.C. machines; yes, that’s going to be very difficult, if a little difficulty now can lead to a better tomorrow, then why not? Believe, A.C. Is Menace

22. Avoid Pollution With LPG

While replacing cars with bullock carts isn’t much of an option, you can always replace your petrol or diesel cars with the non-pollutant LPG ones. Avoid Pollution With LPG

21. There’s Is A Shut Down Option

No more keeping your laptops and computers in “sleep mode” at night, it’s time to turn those off. By doing this, you can save up to 40 watt-hours per day! There's Is A Shut Down Option

20. Save Electricity

Don’t forget to turn off all the lights before going to bed—no, the ghosts won’t haunt you! Save-Electricity

19. Another Way To Save Electricity

It’s time to change your regular tube lights and bulbs with the compact fluorescent bulbs which induce very low electricity in comparison to the former! Another Way To Save Electricity

18. The Best Alternative For Those Nasty Plastic Bags

Revive Jute—they’re organic, they’re strong and of course, stylish. So, grab a jute tote, be stylish and shop recklessly! The Best Alternative For Those Nasty Plastic Bags

17. Respect Animals

Replace that beautiful leather bag of yours with an elegant faux leather bag—even Dior makes those now! After all, no one has any right to rip off an animal for its skin! Respect Animals

16. Intelligent Decoration

Yes, we know teak furniture looks exquisitely elegant, but it’s time to stop buying those and replace for a more chic and environment friendly cane furniture. Yes, the cheaper rod iron furniture also make a good deal. Intelligent Decoration

15. Home Made Diapers

Let’s travel back in time and replace the costly diapers for children with cloth diapers (available in the market, or you can even make one)—no, it’s not going to harm your children, you can even consult your pediatrician regarding this. Home Made Diapers

14. Air Too Dries

Chuck electric driers and air-dry your hair and your clothes — they’re effective and healthy too. Air Too Dries

13. Fringe Benefits Of Internet

Pay your bills over internet and use the net-banking system. Fringe Benefits Of Internet

12. One Of The Best Ideas To Protect Trees

Recycling the old news papers is a great way to save the trees—do them, you’ll feel great! One Of The Best Ideas To Protect Trees

11. The Gift You Give

Don’t buy plastic gift wraps and bows all over again while wrapping some gifts—instead, use handmade papers or colorful recycled or concept papers and bows and wrap your gift with style and élan. The Gift You Give

10. Saving Water

One of the most common mistakes is to keep the tap running while brushing the teeth. Come on, keeping the tap open won’t secure you a whiter set of teeth! Saving Water

9. A Style Of Your Own

Replace your synthetic clothes with handloom clothes and create your own fashion statement! A Style Of Your Own

8. Go Vegan

Go vegan once a week—it’s healthy, smart and of course, saves a lot of money as well!  Go Vegan

7. Fish Lovers, You Need To Follow This One

For the Bengalis and lovers of fishes out there—stop purchasing Hilsa fishes whose weight is less than or equal to 500 grams. Come on, you don’t want your favorite fish to go extinct, do you? Fish-Lovers,-You-Need-To-Follow-This-One

6. Do You Know Outdoor Gaming?

Make your children go out and play freely at the parks instead of keeping them inside glued to the TV sets or Computer games—it’s healthy and wise. Do You Know Outdoor Gaming?

5. Why Buying Bottled Water?

Carry water along with you while you’re away from home and keep yourself from buying bottled water as much as possible. Why-Buying-Bottled-Water

4. If You’re A Book Lover…..

Once you think you’re done away with your old books, recycle them or, better, provide them to your local library. If-You're-A-Book-Lover

3. A Lot Of Recyclable Items In Your Kitchen

Recycle all the old and unused glassware and aluminum utensils. A-Lot-Of-Recyclable-Items-In-Your-Kitchen

2. Burning Your Gas Stove

Stop using gas lighters and replace those with the good ol’ match sticks. Burning-Your-Gas-Stove

1. Plant Trees To Save The Planet

Plant a sapling in your neighborhood and help it bloom into a huge tree. Plant Trees To Save The Planet


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