25 Relatable Period Memes That Will Instantly Brighten Your Mood During Those ‘Bloody’ Days

1:04 pm 26 Jul, 2018


Cramps, headaches, excessive food cravings, and unwanted acne! Well, you can easily guess what I am talking about! Every girl out there knows the worst feeling of going through the troubles of ‘bloody’ periods every month. After all, we all have the dialogue – “Oh it is that time of the month?!” Every other day that literally makes her cringe and angry at the same time! Well, girls, we may not have the perfect cure for your cramps and mood swings, but we do have one thing that can put a smile on your face during the misery. And that is period memes.

Honestly, it seems like these period memes get our vibes during ‘that time of the month’. And incidentally, our hormones are so out of control that we don’t even know what we are feeling in the next very moment. Even though we try to control our emotions, down there we know our uterus is getting beaten up! While we PMS throughout the crazy time, here are some of the most relatable period memes and cartoons that will help you to get through the whole week.



Binge on these period memes and cartoons that you will definitely relate to:


1. Why would you do that to me?!



2. Looks about right!




3. Indeed it does feel the same!



4. It is just beyond my mind!



5. Don’t ask me for my secret!



6. Take a note, boys!



7. I am dead right now! Like literally!



8. Perfectly summed up!



9. Can you feel the sigh of relief?



10. What did I ever do to you?!



11. Fifty shades of red perfectly summed up!



12. Who wants to go to the menstrual island? Not me, please!




13. Kill me, Kill me now!!



14. My uterus acts like a b**ch sometimes!



15. You feel me there bro!



16. What is up with this universe!?




17. Well, I can be happy about at least one thing!



18. Does my uterus have psychic abilities?!



19. Hey, that doesn’t mean you will trouble me!



20. You are the Queen of the world! Trust me!



21. You have no idea how difficult it is!



22. I want all your attention!



23. Be careful with your words!



24. Hey Uterus! Are you fine down there?



25. Can I just die quietly?!



So, from those pre-menstrual syndromes to the unexpected periods, we feel you sisters! Make sure you have enough stocks of those dark chocolates because you never know when these crazy periods will knock on your uterus!

Enjoy these memes over the rainy weekend!