Hilarious Viral Funny Videos From 2018 That Are Too Funny To Forget!

Updated on 9 Jan, 2019 at 2:52 pm


2018 was an eventful year like every other year. 12 months gave good scopes for many things to happen. Some things happened which are weird AF and some which are super funny. The year was also the witness of many such hilarious moments. Thanks to the technology we have the videos of all those funny things which made 2018 a year of laughter. 2018 funny videos are the perfect ones for laughter therapy.

We have compiled a list of the videos which will make you laugh like anything. Watch them and revisit the funny roller coaster ride through the year gone. Here are the 2018 funny videos.


1. Dancing Uncle


It was 2018 May and a video went viral on social media. The star of the video was dancing his heart out on the Govinda’s hit song. The video is very famous and I am sure you are familiar with it. The uncle in the video is Sanjeev Shrivastava from Madhya Pradesh. He is an assistant professor of electronics in Bhopal. Sanjeev is a famous man now and has danced with Govinda too in one of the TV shows. People want him to post more videos of dances.



2. Hello friends, chai pilo!

This was one of the most watched videos of 2018 because ‘the tea drinking lady’ kept posting videos of her weird food offering. It all started with the first Chai pilo video in June 2018. The video has about 1,428,681 views on YouTube. An Indian vlogger Somvati Mahawar features in the videos with a request to drink or eat and it went viral like anything for its weird but funny content.



3. Thain Thain UP police

In this video UP police hilariously imitated the sound of the bullets with their voice! The video went viral on October 13, 2018, and people were laughing seeing this unique technique. Posted by a media house the video got more than 75,000 views on YouTube. We wonder if the policemen in the video are still doing this to scare off the criminals.



4. Pakistani anchors ‘fighting in a newsroom’

February 2018 marks the fight of the year! Two anchors from Pakistan started fighting on camera. The video has approximately 18,000,00 views on youtube. The video went viral for its original and funny fight between the anchors.



5. Donald Trump with toilet paper

On October 5, 2018, US president Donald Trump got down from his car and climbing up the stair to the plane in Minnesota. The walk was more or less fine but there was a piece of paper on his foot and people assumed it was a toilet paper! The video went viral because the normal departure video of Trump turned into hilarious gold. The video originally posted on Facebook is no more available but one of the YouTube videos has 258,725 views.



6. Seal slaps a man in the face with an Octopus!

The video has a bizarre encounter between a man in the sea and a seal with an Octopus. In New Zealand, a man was in his boat in the middle of the sea when suddenly a seal came out of the water and slapped the man with the help of an Octopus. I went viral in September 2018 and has about 8,000,00 views on YouTube.




We are pretty sure that this year too we will get a plethora of funny videos which will tickle our funny bones. For now, don’t forget to tell us the video you liked most!

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