7 Transformational Pictures From Internet’s Newest Trend #2012vs2018 Which Will Make You Go Wow!

1:23 pm 27 Mar, 2018


Remember how everyone swooned over Harry Potter’s character Neville Longbottom when puberty hit him perfectly. From the geeky boy next door, he turned into the handsome heartthrob.

The latest internet trend is doing the exact same thing. With the hashtag #2012vs2018, people are comparing their images from 2012 and 2018. Everyone is sharing the positive changes in their life. No wonder they are certainly a treat for eyes! Here are some of the tweets showing the transformation of the Twitterati:


1. From ‘cutie’ to ‘hottie’



2. Is it the hairstyle?


3. Cute couple


4. We think that too!


5. Turning hipster


6. The glasses did the trick?


7. Change went right!




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