20 Ways To Entertain Yourself When It’s Raining Cats And Dogs Outside

Updated on 20 Sep, 2014 at 1:17 pm


If you can’t beat it, then enjoy it. That should be your mantra on a day when it’s raining cats and dogs outside. There can’t be anything really worth heavy rains after the scorching summer. But you shouldn’t worry about things to do on such a day. They are aplenty. All you need to do is wake up, look through the window at the pouring rains and get ready for a fun-filled day. Here are a few ideas which you can work out:


Enjoy a cup of super hot coffee, with milk or black. It energizes you for the whole day ahead, so what if it’s dull outside!

Enjoy a cup of super hot coffee



Catch a movie at home. You can always take any of your favourite movies and play it on your DVD player. It could be your favourite classic or a new film that you’ve been long waiting to watch.

Catch a movie at home


A book can do wonders on a rainy day. Find the cosiest corner of your room, get your hot cuppa and get hooked into your favourite book.

A book can do wonders on a rainy day


If you feel all activated, then let’s get reminded – there is a wardrobe that needs cleaning. This is the best time to clean up your closet, for you never know when next.

 wardrobe that needs cleaning


Try your hand at cooking. This could be the best day to try and polish your culinary skills. Google the recipe of your favourite dish and get hands on with it. It could be a surprise for your family too.

Try your hand at cooking


If you’re too lazy to cook (we understand!), you can make popcorn for yourself. If it’s too blah, then add few flavours or make some hot chocolate with it. There’s a satisfaction inherent in serving yourself, right?



You’ve missed office and you suddenly remember the things that you’ve completely forgotten about. Call up your friends, have a chat on conference and email the ones who live abroad. There’s lot to catch up with while you’ve been keeping busy.

Call up your friend


How about wetting in the rain? If you’re not a cold-freak, then rush to your terrace and soak, soak and soak! Wetting in the rains could be all the more fun if you have your family or friends for company.



Online shopping could be your BFF on a rainy day. You’re in a mood to shop but the rains are stopping you? No sweat, log on to your favourite online shopping website and shop as much as you wish.

Online shopping


Recycling is a very good option. That’s the best way to innovate and entertain yourself. Get hold of some artefact that’s been lying on the corner of your table for a while now. Turn it into something beautiful. You could get a lot of options online.

 innovate and entertain yourself


Catch the episodes of your favourite soap that you’ve been missing for quite a lot of time. You might come across something new which could grab your attention.

Catch the episodes of your favourite soap


Play indoor games. It could be a great opportunity for your family to get together and share old memories. Ah, that’s what you call family-time!

Play indoor games


Exercise. To be honest, we don’t even need a reason to bunk our exercise almost every day. Now is the time to get into your gym clothing and work out.



If you’re again too lazy to exercise, then meditate. Meditation for about thirty minutes could work wonders for your mind as well as your body. You’ll feel rejuvenated like never before.



If you have a pet, then you really have to devote the day completely to him/her. They literally wait for you all week. So it’s your time now to pamper them all day.



If you have musical instruments at home then pull them out of the dust and play them for a while. Check their strings and play a tune. It can’t get more relaxing than this.

play musical instrument


This is useful – how many of you have looked at your packed wardrobe, fished for clothes and felt that you’ve got nothing to wear? Well, select you office attire for the five days ahead. Keep them aside so you don’t have to go through the daily “I’ve-got-nothing-to-wear-today” harassment.

packed wardrobe


Play your favourite song. A song on a rainy day can lift your mood like nothing. Once you’ve done it, you’ll never ask why.

Play your favourite song


Call your special someone. But check your phone balance, it could cross all boundaries.

Call your special someone


Take a nap. The above suggestions fall flat when compared to this. We know that this is something that’s been hovering on your mind when you’ve seen the rains outside. Get cosy with your pillow and prepare for another round of sound sleep.


Take a nap