20 Controversial Sacred Games Dialogues That Are Both Powerful And Relatable At The Same Time

Updated on 27 Sep, 2018 at 5:42 pm


Netflix’s Sacred Games has become one of the highly-appreciated web series made in India. Evidently, there are not enough reasons to get addicted to the series. Set in 90’s Mumbai, Sacred Games tells the story of a Police Inspector and his struggles with finding the mysteries created by gangster Ganesh Gaitonde. From the epic direction to the performances of the cast, there are numerous praiseworthy elements that cannot be given a miss. However, the Sacred Games dialogues have created a debatable controversy among the society.

After facing a clash of interest, the Delhi High Court has made a judgment that the cast of the web series cannot be held liable for the Sacred Games dialogues that might have insulted the sentiments of India’s prominent personalities. With iconic dialogue delivery and performance by the entire team, Sacred Games has become a top-notch show in the digital space.


Here is a list some of the most intense and powerful Sacred Games dialogues that have made the show a must watch:-




1. Unconditional love for Kukkoo

Sacred games dialogues

“Apun Kukkoo ke peeche bhaag rha tha aur desh mandir ke peeche”


2. Oh well!

Best Sacred games dialogues

“Gareeb logo ka entry sirf Maindir mein free hai”


3. Ahem Ahem!

Top Sacred games dialogues

“Bhagwan ko manto ho? Bhagwan ko L*nd farak nhi padta!”

4. What say?

controvercial Sacred games dialogues

“Guns, Drugs, Property sab chhota dhandha hai. Asli dhandha hai Politics”

5. Really?

powerful Sacred games dialogues

“Kyun aati hai yeh qurbaani humare zindagi main baar baar? Allag tang aa gaya hai humse”


6. It is a thinker!

best Sacred games dialogues

“Agar marad field pe kaam karna chahe to passion, Aur aurat karna chahe to bhoot?”


7. Mumbai meri jaan!

Sacred games dialogues

“Mumbai sheher hai yeh, Kuch bhi ho sakta hai idhar, Gutter ka kutta poore sheher pe moot dega abhi”


8. Why, Oh Why?

Sacred games dialogues / quotes

“Tum mardon ko aisa kyu lagta hain ki har aurat ko tumhe hi bachana hai”


9. It seems like!

Sacred games dialogues - Kashmir main home minister ki beti kidnap ho gayi thi

“Kashmir mein home minister ki beti kidnap ho gayi thi, dilli mein mandal ke naam pe bachche apne pe kerosene daal rahe the, aur sansad main roz pradhan mantri aise badal rahe the jaise kachha ho”


10. Bunty is a badass!

Sacred games dialogues - Bunty



11. Apparently!

Sacred games dialogues - Politics ki macchhi



12. It is all about the money!

Sacred games dialogues - Aadmi andar se jitna bhi kaala hota hai



13. Quite easy!

Sacred games dialogues - Hindu hotel se apun seekha ki dharam



14.  Undoubtedly!

Sacred games dialogues - apne lund se bahar nikal

15. Oh Well!

Sacred games dialogues - Indira gandhi ki emergency


16. Kukkoo is love!

Sacred games dialogues - kukkoo ko sirf action pasand hai



17. Religion is important

Sacred games dialogues - aatma pe kabza kar lo



18. What to do man!

Sacred games dialogues - jab desh mai pm ka imaan nhi



19. Bromance at its best!

Sacred games dialogues - paise ke naam pe aisa dosti hua...



20. Sartaj Singh knows it right!

Sacred games dialogues - system


Well, we are definitely going to binge on Sacred Games tonight after reading these powerful sacred games dialogues! What about you?



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