20 Classic Bikini Pictures That Will Help Make You Feel Comfortable In One

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7:00 am 1 Jun, 2014

The summer is here and if you are thinking of going to the beach in a bikini, no need to procrastinate. It is more than 65 years now that the bikini broke into the scene and took the world by storm. “Bikini or no bikini: that is the question” has become a common thought of many. These bikini pictures will help make up your mind. There have been a number of design changes in the attractive dress but these are some of the classiest older designs. And no, the bikini was not invented by Howard Stark; it was done by the French.

1. A model in a bikini, 1950

Model in a bikini

2. Jayne Mansfield, 1957

Jayne Mansfield

3. Jackie Lee Barnes, a beauty contest winner, poses in Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1949

Jackie Lee Barnes

4. French actress Barbara Lange in her self-made two-piece bathing suit, 1945

French actress Barbara Lange

5. Florida beauty, 1945

Florida, 1945

6. French model Christiane Richard in a bikini, 1950

Christiane Richard

7. A girl in Florida, 1945

Bather, Florida

8. Actress Linda Christian, the first “Bond Girl,” in 1945

Actress Linda Christian

9. Actress Dona Drake and a pet in Los Angeles, 1942

Actress Dona Drake

10. Model Naty Abascal in the Bahamas, 1968

Model Naty Abascal

11. A Hungarian model in 1965

Hungarian model

12. Atlantic City, New Jersey, 1964

Atlantic City, New Jersey

13. A fox in the hand of actress Philomene Toulouse at the Cannes film festival, 1962

Actress Philomene Toulouse

14. In Israel, 1960

Skin diving in Israel

15. A sunbather in France

Sunbathing in France

16. Tattoos and a sun tan, 1941

Sun tan with creative tattoos

17. A young woman in Santa Monica, California, 1940

Santa Monica, Calif

18. Rita Hayworth at her home in Los Angeles, 1945

Rita Hayworth

19. Model Lynn Jones, 1955

Model Lynn Jones

20.  Model June Pickney, 1960

Model June Pickney
Credit: Bill Eppridge—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images