2.0 Review: A Visually Polished Piece Of Work Which Lacks A Dhansu Story

3:24 pm 29 Nov, 2018


TopYaps Rating: 3.5




After a long wait, Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar ’s much-delayed sci-fi action thriller 2.0 finally made its way into cinemas. The movie, which is a sequel to the 2010 blockbuster Robot, has enjoyed unprecedented hype ever since its announcement in 2015. It is the costliest film of Indian cinema, so stakes are really high. I finished watching 2.0 a couple of minutes ago and am dying to share with you whether or not your long wait culminates into something meaningful. Let’s find out.


What Is The Film All About?


Baat karein agar film ki kahani ki, it starts with the suicide of an anthropologist, Pakshirajan (Akshay Kumar), who had spent all his life preserving birds. Before ending his life, he had tried his best to educate everyone about harmful radiation emitted from mobile towers and the serious threat it poses to birds and their life. He had even requested telecom minister and other big-wigs in power to control deleterious mobile radiation, but all in vain.



After committing suicide, Pakshirajan returns as a fifth force, in the form of a deadly giant bird, to wreak havoc on humanity, especially people who are addicted to mobiles. Dr. Vasigaran (Rajinikanth) and his new robot Nila (Amy Jackson) try to deal with this inexplicable occurrence but to no avail. Seeing no solution in sight, Vasigaran brings Chitti, the robot, back to life. Will 2.0 version of Chitti defeat the evil force? Head off to the theater closest to you to find out.


Does 2.0 Live Up To Its Ultra Hype?


Yes, it does! 2.0 is a film which is ambitious in conception and amazing in execution. However, if you were waiting for the movie just to enjoy its dizzying visuals and indelible VFX, hang on, because it is much more than that! It is going to be a great thought-provoking experience for you and it also compels you to ponder over certain issues quite seriously.

Having said that, 2.0 cannot be called an intelligent film, despite having everything that a science-fiction film is supposed to have. It suffers from a paper-thin story, which is shockingly predictable, especially in the second half. Editing is extremely poor at certain places. Thankfully, all these flipsides do not stop it from being intriguing and absorbing to the core. Thanks to director Shankar’s imaginative vision, 2.0 looks spectacular every second. Jaw-dropping action sequences, groundbreaking special effects, and outstanding background score make it one of the best films to have ever come out of the stable of Indian cinema. Cinematographer Nirav Shah also deserves a major part of praises for lensing such aesthetically amazing masterpiece.



Apart from being a technologically stunning movie, what makes 2.0 a must watch is its crowd-pleasing performances by Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar. Thalaiva looks as charming and unbelievably active in the movie as he looked in its predecessor Robot, which hit the marquee almost a decade ago. He is adorable as Chitti. Akshay Kumar delivers a brashly confident performance that leaves an impression, but you do wonder why his screen time was so less in the flick. Amy Jackson, as expected, does not add much to the narrative as she stays put just like a robotic doll.


Final Verdict


2.0 is one of the most anticipated films of 2018 and trust me, it is so worth your wait. Under the facade of computer-generated imagery, astonishing visual effects and VFX lies a message-driven piece of cinema that does not leave any stone unturned to entertain you.



Movie Details


Banner: Lyca Productions

Director: S. Shankar

Cast: Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson, Sudhanshu Pandey

Music: A.R. Rahman


Runtime: 150 Minutes

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