18 Important Things That Every 18-Year-Old Should Know

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Updated on 9 Nov, 2015 at 4:06 pm


Recently, Reddit users had a thread about what every 18-year-old must know. We have listed 18 of the best answers for you:

1. Life isn’t about you impress. Find happiness and success your own way.


2. High School will matter less as you get older. It’s only natural. You’ll find that you grow more in your 4 years in college than you did in high school. You’ll probably make even better friends in college too.


3. A little money goes a long way when you have smart spending habits


4. You’re now of age to buy cigarettes. Just don’t.



5. Condoms. Popping out a kid with the wrong person and at wrong time complicates life indefinitely


6. Learn to listen. Really listen. That means waiting until someone is finished with a story or whatever they’re saying before you speak.


7. Have spent nights on how to impress a girl? It’s simple. If a girl smiles at you, smile back, and say “Hi, I’m (your name). What’s your name?”

8. The first person you fall in love with and convince yourself you’re going to be with them forever is probably not going to be the person you end up with. And that’s ok. In fact, you will be glad it worked out that way in 10+ years.


9. Don’t be afraid to get turned down. Whether it’s by someone you think is cute, a potential employer, a stranger…anyone! Hearing the word NO will not ruin your life. Shrug it off and move on.

10. Treat every day as if you are a student, not a master.. The student learns, grows and sees beauty.. The master becomes bitter, resentful and stagnates..

11. Remember: We’re all just kids faking our way and building on confidence and experience. Anyone who tries to convince you otherwise is full of crap.

12. Make sure you spend time with your friends as you grow older you will miss them


13. You’re still a dumb as a  kid and will be for a few years. You’ll grow out of it around 25.

14. Life fucks everyone. It’s not just you.


15. Don’t be lazy and get your license as soon as possible, it will help you in the future indefinitely

16. Ask the ‘question’. Consent is sexy, after all.


17. If you are living far away from your hometown, this is a golden advice- Learn to make simple, affordable, healthy meals.

18.  Not to blindly trust the advice you read on the internet.





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