18 Reasons NEEM Is A Godsend Plant 

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Now, since Ayurvedic medicines are obtained from various herbs, it’s very important for us to know about them. With the aim to start with the commonest and one of the most important, we’ve chosen the Neem tree as the topic of discussion. Burdened with innumerable values, the Neem tree is often referred to as God’s greatest gift to mankind.
Let’s try and chart out the reasons why—


No matter how much the homoeopathy and allopath medicines prosper, the good old Ayurveda always scores over them. Aged over 4000s of years, Ayurveda is completely a natural and no-side effect way of treatment that is still preferable to many around the globe, and Neem tree is one of the main parts of Ayurveda!




We all love our skin and always want it to be pimple free and squeaky clean, don’t we? Well, the oil extracted from neem tree does exactly that!



Yes, we know that it’s very difficult to extract neem tree oil and then apply it to the skin. Don’t worry, here’s a simpler plan for you—simply smash the leaves and apply it over the pimples to get a blemish free even skin!



Neem leaves might be hell bitter, but the Bengalis prefer to crisp fried along with brinjals as starters. They don’t like it, they simply LOVE it!



Neem oil is also one of the most important ingredients in cosmetics and toiletries. It also has its own medicinal values.



Soak a few neem leaves in a medium bucket of water and pour that water over yourself after you’re done with your bathing. The anti bacterial formula in the leaves will keep you germ free for a long period of time—much longer than the artificial soaps vouch for!



The extracts from this tree is much valuable for its medicinal values. It is a nice way to cope with frightening diseases like AIDS, hepatitis, cancer, diabetics, herpes, heart diseases, ulcers and allergies among hoards of other diseases.



As said earlier, neem tree extracts are great for skin. However, they are also good to cure lots of skin infections like scabies, eczema, psoriasis, acne and lots others.



If you’ve had chicken pox previously, you’d understand how much your upper back area itches, and the associated pain when you cannot itch it with nails. Well, age old Ayurveda says, that you can hold up a bunch of Neem leaves and lightly scratch your back with it. No, you won’t hurt those blisters; in fact, along with a rest from those itches, it’ll also speed up the recovery process.

 chicken pox


If you take neem capsules or have the leaves boiled directly, then, in case you’re suffering from Malaria, it’ll simply shoo away!

neem capsules


Neem tooth pastes are quite common, but the best way to save your teeth against all odds is to use neem twigs in place of tooth brushes.

Neem tooth pastes


After a tired day on road or at work, simply sooth your legs in a tub filled with neem leaves and water. It’ll not only sooth you but also drive away the germs from your feet.



If you’re storing grains for a longer period of time, simply sprinkle a few neem leaves over them. It’ll help you store the grains for a much longer period of time.



Do termites repeated attack your home? Don’t worry and use neem powder/neem leaves instead. They work!

 use neem powder


Relieve your pets from those irritating fleas and germs by sprinkling neem powder over their coats. It’s a zero side-effect formula that will ease and relax your pets.



If you’re running out of disinfectants, use neem water to sweep and mop your house. We bet you’ll never waste any more money on artificial disinfectants. Yes, neem phenyls are great too!

neem water


Neem cakes are used as nematicides in fields which keep the pests off the crops. They also promote nitrification and hence, help to curb the nitrogen loss from fields.

Neem cakes


Neem shampoos and mosquito repellents are two other great uses of this maverick tree!


Neem shampoos

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