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18 Mind Blowing Facts About Breathing You Didn’t Know

Updated on 19 January, 2018 at 3:20 pm By

We breathe in and we breathe out for living – is this the only thing you know about breathing? Well, you don’t know a lot then. There is much more to breathing than inhaling and exhaling. Did you know that there is a lot about breathing that is scientific and spiritual? People who perform extensive yoga are the ones who take care of the breadth a lot. From ancient scriptures to modern day sayings breathing is one of the most important parts of our living. Here are few interesting facts about breathing that you must know.

1. The oxygen myth


Did you know that breathing has very little to do with oxygen? You always knew that oxygen was all that we needed to stay alive but no, our breathing is not only an oxygen affair. Air has 21% Oxygen but our bodies need only 5% of it.


2. The nose effect

Crooked teeth and shrinking of jaws is mostly due to breathing through the mouth. Be careful of how you breathe – through your noses is what you should do and through your mouth is what you should avoid.

The nose effect

3. Sleeping with mouth open

Children who grow up to lisp for a considerably long time can be an outcome of sleeping with mouth open and therefore breathing through the mouth.

Sleeping with mouth open

4. Before hitting the gym


Exercising is very good for health but you should always keep in mind to remember that you should not exercise more than you can. The indication – you should stop when you cannot keep your mouth closed.

Before hitting the gym

5. The appetite controller

It is said that the more you breathe, the more hungry you tend to get and therefore the body becomes acidic. Your appetite in a way depends on your style of breathing – so keep a check on it.

The appetite controller

6. The piss call

You do sometimes wake up in the middle of the night to urinate. This is due to sleeping with your mouth open. The reason? The bladder shrinks because of this and makes you feel that you need to head to the bathroom as soon as possible.

The piss call

7. The side changing theory

We change sides while sleeping almost every 30 minutes and this is a natural procedure followed by our bodies to balance out our breathing through the two nostrils.

The side changing theory

8. Precautions to follow

A four stage filtration procedure is followed by our nose; therefore breathing through the mouth can result in sore throats, ear infections and even tonsillitis.

Precautions to follow

9. Beating Asthma

Did you think Asthma is incurable? Well, certain breathing exercises and programs can potentially get the patients rid of steroids and inhaler. And remember, this is for a lifetime, so even if you suffer because of hereditary reasons you can get rid of it.

Beating Asthma

10. Tampering the level of O2 and CO2

If you inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth it disturbs the level of oxygen and carbon dioxide balance in our lungs.

Tampering the level of O2 and CO2

11. OMG!

Our right lung is bigger than the left lung and both are quite big in size! If you opened and spread out both the lungs it will resemble the size of a tennis court (70 sq. m.).


12. Avoid too much breathing

12 cycles of breath is very normal for us. Only people suffering from Asthma take double this amount. Too much breathing can decrease the amount of Carbon Dioxide which is why they end up breathing more.

 Avoid too much breathing

13. Close to your mood

Our breath is an indicator of our mood and similarly our mood reflects our breath too. If we change how we breathe then it is definitely going to affect our mood.

Close to your mood

14. Inhaling > Exhaling

Our inhaling is much more stronger than our exhaling – you can find it yourself.

Inhaling > Exhaling

15. Breathing and Eating

A famous proverb has it that our nose is for breathing and our mouth is for eating. Including both during breathing can result in an imbalance which needs to be balanced and checked.

Breathing and Eating

16. Left and Right walks together

Our breathing is dominated by our right and left nostrils one by one. The dominance changes around 20 minutes. It is said that the left nostril dominates when we are at ease and relaxing and when aroused, active and fired up it results in the dominance of the right one.

Left and Right walks together

17. Pranayam

Pranayam is a process by which we can change and regulate our breathing system. It is the only system of our body which we can regulate.


18. Breathing slow

Taking slow breaths can increase our lifespan. Sanskrit sayings has it that if we breathe nicely we can live long.


Breathing slow


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