17-Year-Old Girl Ordered To Be Raped By Pakistani Village Elders In Retaliation For A Previous Rape

Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 5:01 pm

A brutal incident from Pakistan has come to light where a 17-year-old girl’s rape was ordered after her brother was accused of raping another girl. The rape was ordered by the village elders.

After two assaults, almost 20 people have been arrested, it is believed that the rapes took place last week in the town of Muzaffarabad, which is near to Multan in Pakistan.

While the first victim is reported to be 12 years old, as per her mother, the girl was cutting grass in a field when a man raped her.

The mother reported about the rape to the village elders when the 12-year-old made a complaint about the rape to the mother.

After this what happened, shocked almost everyone else in the village. The elders did something that can happen only in primitive societies. It was decided that one of the sisters of the first attacker would be raped in revenge for the crime.


Image of the house where the girl has been raped. gettyimages

“(The second) Victim’s two elder sisters were initially called, but the elders decided that (17-year-old) Victim B would be the one to take the punishment,” a report in the CNN says.

“Her mothers and sisters all protested this but the elders brought out their guns and threatened to kill them,”
says the report.

As per Salman Sufi (Director of the Violence Against Women Center in Multan), after the attack, both mothers and their respective daughters had visited his center. “Medical examinations have been conducted on both of them and they have confirmed that both girls were raped,” Sufi said.


The elders of the village ordered rape in retaliation. gettyimages

“The Punjab government will make sure that this case will go to court and that justice will be done,” Sufi said.