17 Interesting Things That Happened In The 16th Lok Sabha

3:00 pm 11 Jun, 2014


The Indian parliament is not only known for leaders roaring around, showing cash, debating on subjects of national interest, but also for its prudent voice and valuable suggestions at the end of day. From Ambani to Tatas, and from Kashmir to Kaniyakumari, everyone feels the heat of the decisions made by Indian Parliament.

Let’s check out below some interesting facts about the newly elected 16th Lok Sabha many of us might not know.

1. Clear Mandate

‘We the people of India’ have handed a clear mandate to the NDA government. Narendra Modi is the first Indian PM to contest from two seats (Varanasi and Vadodara: both same character long) and won from both.



2. Opposition Chopped

It is for the first time after 1984 elections, that there is no such thing called opposition because one needs 1/10th of the total LS strength to qualify as the principle opposition party. Only Indira Gandhi and Rajiv were able to achieve whatever Modi has achieved beyond party lines.

Opposition Chopped

3. Welcome Mr. PM

Our PM NaMo and Sonia Gandhi took oath on the second day of first session of 16th Lok Sabha. The session started on June 4, 2014.

Welcome Mr. PM

4. Old Timers Given Rest

Only 53% of the total LS strength belongs to the age group of under 55 years. The new government has only a single cabinet minister above the age of 70.

Old Timers Given Rest

5. Young Turks in Ministry

Widely known as BJPs ‘Iron man’, Mr. L.K. Advani is the oldest MP while Heena and Dushyant at 26 are youngest to qualify for this much touted LS. Only 12 MPs belong to the age group of below 30 years.

 Young Turks in Ministry

6. Affluent Politicians

There are 449 (almost 83% of 543) crorepati MPs in the LS 2014. It has increased from the previous figures such as 315 (58%) in 2009 and 156 in 2004.

Affluent Politicians

7. Highest Voter Turnout

Voters took part in the election enthusiastically and the country received its highest ever voter turnout at 66.2%.

Highest Voter Turnout

8. Women MPs in Lok Sabha — Steady and Slow

The 2014 Indian general elections sent highest number of women MPs to LS. Of the 543 elected MPs, 61 are women, marginally up from previous number of 58 in 2009.

Women MPs in Lok Sabha -- Steady and Slow

9. The Education Meter

133 MPs have PhDs in their education profile. 126 MPs are less fortunate than their peers as they’re educated only up to school level. Nearly 75% MPs have graduation degrees compared to 79% in the previous LS.

The Education Meter

10. Having Pockets of Different Size

94 MPs have declared their assets worth less than 1 crore, while 5 MPs have an estimated property above 200 cr.

Having Pockets of Different Size

11. 22 Muslim MPs

There are 22 Muslim MPs elected to 16th LS significantly down from 28 in the 15th LS.

22 Muslim MPs

12. Speaker’s Records Speaking

Unanimously elected LS Speaker Sumitra Mahajan has a Guinness Book of World Records in her name for 8 consecutive wins. This 71 year old lady from Madhya Pradesh is the only female leader in India to achieve this mark.

Speaker's Records Speaking

13. Traditional Attires

Many MPs were seen in their traditional dresses during LS 2014 session.

Traditional Attires

14. Different Gandhis

Cousin Brothers Varun and Rahul Gandhi took oath as MPs one after the other.

Different Gandhis

15. No English, Please!

Depicting Indian cultural heritage, elected MPs took the Oath in different languages such as Sanskrit (External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj), Hindi, Punjabi, Odiya, Gujarati, and Assamese. The 2014 LS reflected the linguistic diversity of this multilingual nation.

No English, Please!

16. New Faces

This LS has 315 new MPs, highest in the last three decades.

New Faces

17. Bulk Entry

On June 5 alone, 510 LS members took oath, which sets a new record in the history of Indian Parliament.


Bulk Entry

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