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16 Well Known People Who Perhaps Died A Virgin

Updated on 29 September, 2014 at 1:02 pm By

People with lost personalities will suffer a great deal more than those with lost virginities.
― Melina Marchetta.

1. Andy Warhol


This popular American artist is still considered as the most controversial commercial illustrator. In a candid interview, Andy indicated about his virginity, while asserting that he was a gay. The statement has found support in his works, which are mostly drawings or photographs of nude males.

Andy Warhol

2. Queen Elizabeth I (England)

Commonly known as The Virgin Queen or the Good Queen Bess, Elizabeth had a love relationship with Robert Dudley – her childhood friend. The great queen Elizabeth, who it was said was infertile, refused every marriage proposal that was put before her.

Queen Elizabeth I (England)

3. Immanuel Kant

One of the most profound modern philosopher, Immanuel Kant dedicated his life to study of history, politics and religion. But, his devotion to study turned him into a failure in human relationships. At the age of 79, he died a virgin.

Immanuel Kant

4. Joseph Merrick


Joseph was more popularly known as the Elephant man because of a bony lump on his forehead. Due to the severe deformity, Joseph for all his life was a matter of curiosity for others. The abnormality was so bizarre that no man or woman dared to have a relationship with him. He died a virgin at the age of 27.

Joseph Merrick

5. Giacomo Leopardi

Known for his remarkable poetic works, Leopardi was brought up in a family that suffered from poverty as it was addicted to gambling. Owing to the bad childhood, Leopardi spent a lifetime acquiring knowledge. The dissatisfaction of not bonding with a human relationship, however was soon noticeable in his writings.

Giacomo Leopardi

6. Henry James

Honourably, Henry James is one famous Anglo-American writer who is recognized for his works, both in Europe and America. However, it was rumoured that Henry suffered from impotency and had gay relationship. As such there are no evident reports but his omitted sexual life, suggests the presumption.

Henry James

7. Herbert Spencer

Named among the most renowned scholars of the nineteenth century, Spencer had an erratic behaviour and faced problems adjusting with any professional discipline. However, medical details reveal the fact that Herbert couldn’t have sexual intercourse because he suffered from scoliosis.

Herbert Spencer

8. Teresa DE’Avila

Also known as the Saint Teresa of Jesus, Teresa DE’Avila was very close to her mother. However, the love bond was ruptured when Teresa DE’Avila was sent to convent. She turned into a nun and remained virgin until her death at the age of 67.

Teresa DE’Avila

9. John Edgar Hoover

Being the first director of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) known for very dangerous and secretive missions, Hoover remained a controversial figure all his life. For his role at the agency, speculations about his sexual orientations came under intense scrutiny. It was rumoured that John had gay relationship with his assistant Clyde Tolson.

John Edgar Hoover

10. Joseph Cornell

A known American artist and sculptor, Joseph Cornell lived most of his life in a small, wooden-frame house, all alone. Although, Cornell, who turned an experimental film maker, had a never ending list of admirers and lovers, it is deemed that Joseph died virgin at the age of 69.

Joseph Cornell

11. Hans Christian Andersen

Hans was a prolific author from Norway who enjoyed immense social success with his first trip to the English lands. In his last letters, he does mention his love and pleads to gift her as his bride. However, his personal records reveal no sexual relationships.

Hans Christian Andersen

12. Henry Cavendish

Certainly one of the names to reckon with in study of sciences, Henry was a very reserved person in his lifetime. For his solitary individuality, Henry had an uncomfortable temperament adjusting with any social situation. Other than his scientific studies, there is no evidence about him had any relationships.. Owing to the facts known about him, it is deemed that Henry was another scientist who died a virgin.

Henry Cavendish

13. Nikola Tesla

Beyond his great inventions, Tesla was considered a mad scientist who possessed bizarre tentative manners. All his life revolved around fixed schedules, and he often claimed that his chastity would help his scientific aptitude. Although Tesla had numerous female admirers, the scientist never had a relationship and died alone in a hotel room.

Nikola Tesla

14. Lewis Carroll

The famous English writer, mathematician and logician, Carroll had a conservative personality. However, real secrets about Carroll’s individuality only tumbled out after his death. He had an inclination for immature girls with minimal interest in adult relationships.

Lewis Carroll

15. Isaac Newton

Recognized as one of the most influential scientists ever, Isaac Newton had an eternal love for physics that he carried to his grave. After Newton’s death, a French philosopher described his behaviour as numb to understand any passion for relationship. Besides this, his virginity was pervasive and supported by several leading professionals of that era.

Isaac Newton

16. Mother Teresa

Defied for her charitable works, Mother Teresa a Roman Catholic nun was honoured with the Noble Prize in 1979. Mother Teresa lived most of her life in India, severing poor people with AIDS and other diseases. Attributable to her total devotion for serving poor populace and earnest follower of Christianity, mother Teresa died as virgin.


Mother Teresa


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