16 Ways To Get The Permission Of Having Chocolates Everyday

11:00 pm 1 Aug, 2014


We chocolate lovers have to deal with tons of reasons everyday – from teeth cavities to stomach problems and many more. However much you give out an impression of having a little bit of chocolate, you’ve always ended up finishing almost the entire bar. You’ve also wished chocolates were given to you almost every day instead of your little brother. Not only that, you’ve also wished that nobody else loved chocolates in your house other than you. If you’ve ticked all the above points, then here are a few things you could use to gorge on some, everyday:


“I haven’t tasted this new chocolate that’s out in the market. It looks great, must taste good too.” (However, you DID taste it and, a lot of it)




“Having a complete big bar of chocolate without sharing with anyone is something nobody ever did. I think I’m going to try making history.” You’ve made this history a great many times.

big bar of chocolate


“I feel so low, I think I’m depressed right now. Nobody and nothing can help uplift my mood. Perhaps, a bit of chocolate would do some good?”

bit of chocolate


“I broke up. I’ve been dating for the past two years and now I broke up. I don’t know what I did was right or wrong, but I sure need that chocolate inside the fridge.”

chocolate inside the fridge.


“It’s evening and it’s time for me to have chocolates – I’ve been practicing this since childhood.” You just made it up.

evening and it’s time for me to have chocolates


“My friends are coming for a sleepover. I think I’ll need a great deal of chocolates for them. It’s going to be nothing without chocolates.” However, in your mind, you know that you’re going to have all of them yourself.

nothing without chocolates


“I don’t feel hungry suddenly – don’t know what’s wrong with my stomach. Can anyone give me some chocolates? They’re supposed to increase hunger.” You made it up randomly.

give me some chocolates


“I’ve just seen someone having chocolates and I felt that I’ve haven’t had one for decades or so. I desperately need one now to survive.” You’ve probably given this reason a few moments back.

need one chocolate   now to survive


“Let’s buy a box of chocolates as a gift, it’ll be loved I think.” Little does your listener know that you have a backup plan for finishing this box all by yourself.

buy a box of chocolates


You have an adorable brother or sister who does not love chocolates and every bar he/she gets goes inside your stomach. However, you do keep telling others each other’s preferences to keep the flow of chocolates coming in.

 adorable brother or sister who does not love chocolates


“I’ve scored the highest in last week’s exam and the teachers praised me a lot. I feel so happy. As a gift I would love this chocolate which I’ve been lusting for the past month.” Chances are that you’ve started lusting after it after having it first.

gift of chocolate


“That bar of chocolate has been lying in the refrigerator since God knows when. It needs to be eaten up and I think we shouldn’t keep it longer, lest it decays inside?” Chocolates, on the other hand, do not last even a day in your fridge.



“My pup needs some chocolate I think. It’s been told to be fed with some for better health. A pup sure needs more than a human.” Again, you’ve just made it up.

My pup needs some chocolate


“I’ve never wanted anything else in my life. All I’ve ever asked for to anybody would be a little piece of chocolate; can’t I be allowed even that?” Guilty pleasures like chocolates can be got anyhow.

 little piece of chocolate


“Much to my displeasure, I noticed today that children were playing away with a bar of chocolate, they should have eaten it without wasting it by putting it on each other. I think I’ll have a bar to feel better.” It’s one of the many times that you’ve stood up for a piece of wasted chocolate.

15 a


“Children, this is how you have a bar of chocolate. You open the wrapper a little bit and open the rest of it as and when you finish the chocolate above. You should not scramble with it.” With this tutoring, along with the children, you’ve polished down another bar.



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