16 Soulful Songs Written By Sahir Ludhianvi, The King Of Romance

4:00 pm 28 Feb, 2014


While judging a song, we bestow all the accolades on either the singer or the music director, but seldom do we provide similar importance to the lyricist—the person who actually spins a poem out of the situation provided. One such master lyricist is Sahir Ludhianvi—a man who has won Padma Shri for his soulful poetry. Let’s have a look at few of his lyrics—

16. Aye Meri Johrazabeen

This is one song which has been inevitably sung by every lover to his lady beloved at some point or the other. This timeless classic from “Waqt”, sung by Manna Dey, is enough to let the lovers realize that though beauty is transient, people can actually eternalize it through true love!

15. Allah Tero Naam


Composed by Jaidev and sung by Lata Mangeshkar, this heart wrenching, soulful Bhajan is sure to bring tears in your eyes while making you have faith in God even in moments of crisis.

14. Mann Re Tu Kahe Na Dheer Dhare

It is one song which we would want every young hearts in love to listen! This semi classical song by Md. Rafi is from the film Chitralekha and has been composed by the great music director Roshan.

13. Tu Hindu Banega Na Musalman Banega

Sahir saab realized and said so many things through this song which the diplomats and intellectuals have been trying to sort out since ages—we’re all human beings and that must be our sole identity! This song was sung by Md. Rafi in the film Dhool ke Phool.

12. Aage Bhi Jaane Na Tu

Sahir saab, very melodiously provides us with a poignant glimpse how men strive to achieve a better “tomorrow”, not knowing whether they’d be there to live the future. The song is again from the film Waqt and was sung by Asha Bhonsle.

11. Jaane Kya Tune Kahi

This melodious delight from the film Pyaasa has an innate freshness to it that pictures before us a tapestry of love and delight. Besides, Geeta Dutt’s teasing tone adds a whole new dimension to it!

10. Aja Tujhko Pukare Mera Pyaar

This song is yet another exemplification of Sahir Ludhianvi’s genius as the master of romance. Sung by Md. Rafi, can well be doubled as melodious and perfect definition of true love itself!

9. Jeevan Ke Safar Mein Rahi

In a frolicking and menacing way the song, from Munimji, tells us what life is all about! Besides, the romantic underlining to the song makes it a pleasant and endearing one indeed! The song was sung by Kishore Kumar.

8. Keh Doon Tumhe Ya Chup Rahu

The song from Deewar is one of the best hits by the Kishore-Asha pair. If the above songs were about the philosophy of love, this song is about the teasing and happier moments that one treasures in love!

7. Mohabbat Bade Kaamki Cheez Hain

If you love romantic songs but don’t really favor the slow songs, then this one’s just for you. This “coming to age” song by Sahir Ludhianvi takes us on a soulful but feet-tapping voyage ‘into’ love!

6. Neele Gagan Ke Tale

Sung by Mahendra Kapoor, this is yet another classic song from the golden age of Hindi films and is surely a favorite among all the people who’ve heard this song once!

5. Sarr Jo Tera Chakraye

Well, this is no “romantic” song per se, but this song shows the caliber of Sahir saab as a poet. This song exemplifies how adept Sahir saab, a person who was known for his philosophical lyrics on love, was in penning such a light-hearted and rejuvenating song too!

4. Tadbir Se Bigdi Hui Taqdeer Bana Le

Again a soulful song by Geeta Dutt, the juxtaposition of a teasing and a comfortable note in the song mesmerizes all its listeners each time it’s listened to.

3. Main Pal Do Pal Ka

Sung by Mukesh, it is the saga of every heart—young or old. It is a song which will remain evergreen to all generations alike!

2. Kabhi Kabhi

We don’t think there have been or there can be any other Bollywood song which describes love so nicely and completely in such pure lyrics as this one! Kishore Kumar’s voice lends the song an intensity which is simply incomparable to any!

1. Main Zindagi Ka Saath Nibhata Chala Gaya

Our favorite, this song also doubles up as the mantra of life! In clear, unpretentious words and a playful music, the song conveys the secret to life and happiness!


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