16 “Middle Of The Road” Bollywood Films That Were Loved By ALL

Updated on 16 Aug, 2014 at 5:04 pm


To each one of us, Bollywood means larger than life sets, films infused with an excessive dose of drama and romance, and of course, the masala tadka which constitutes its basic ingredient. However, with all these going on and on for years, you do look out for some respite and see the story of someone exactly like you, caught in the turbulent affairs of life but still managing to keep up that smile. With this effect in mind, some renowned directors, in the 1970s, ventured out to make films with heroes without the six pack abs and heroines without that dollop of foundations. These are our very own “Middle of the Road” films, and some of our best picks are listed below (not in any order).

16. Khatta Meetha

One of our personal favorites, this laugh riot takes us on loving journey into the life of a middle class family who celebrate life despite the numerous ups and downs which define life. And, if you think that love trespasses all the boundaries set by age and social classes, then you should definitely watch this movie! "Middle Of The Road" Bollywood Films

15. Chitchor

It’s a simple love story, or should we say, a love triangle between a simpleton, a village lass and a hot-shot businessman. Yes, it might sound a bit clichéd, but we bet you won’t feel like calling it a cliché once you watch it! "Middle Of The Road" Bollywood Films

14. Chhoti Si Baat


Now this film discusses one of the most important problems of mankind, should we say, of how to be a “man” and rightly propose the dream woman! This, along with the beautiful songs and a great star cast make this film one of the best in the list! "Middle Of The Road" Bollywood Films

13. Rajnigandha

This film deals with quite a serious subject that all of us can relate to. A must watch film, if you’re yet to! "Middle Of The Road" Bollywood Films

12. Baaton Baaton Mein

Here we have yet another simple love story that we get to see daily—one filled with laughter, happiness and a dollop of sadness too. "Middle Of The Road" Bollywood Films

11. Saath Saath

This film depicts the story of yet another simple guy who wants to live his life in his own terms with honesty, dignity, and well, his wife too! A splendid film which will never fail to bring smile to people! "Middle Of The Road" Bollywood Films

10. Anand

Well, we wonder whether there is someone left in India who isn’t well aware with this film. If we have to dig out 20 best Hindi films ever, this is sure to bag one of the foremost positions. "Middle Of The Road" Bollywood Films

9. Guddi

It might just be your or my story—story of a girl madly and wholeheartedly in love with an actor so much that she’s willing to be his 2nd (3rd or 4th or umpteenth) wife! Sounds familiar, eh? "Middle Of The Road" Bollywood Films

8. Mili

Well, you might call Mili a love story or the story of life itself filled with fun and mirth, and also with the one supreme truth, death! "Middle Of The Road" Bollywood Films

7. Bawarchi

Well, if we call this film a “comedy”, we might just be mistaking. But then again, at the end of the day, it is a laugh riot and we can never deny it being that over everything else! "Middle Of The Road" Bollywood Films

6. Chupke Chupke

To tell you the plot of this film is simply beyond our expertise. It is laugh riot comprising a lot of guises and disguises and much more! An endearing watch it shall be, we promise! "Middle Of The Road" Bollywood Films

5. Golmaal

All we can say about this film is that, there couldn’t have been a better title for it! Rest is for you to watch! "Middle Of The Road" Bollywood Films

4. Khubsoorat

Changing the rules of a strict house is next to impossible, unless you have someone like Manju (played by Rekha) in the vicinity—a “khubsoorat” film, indeed! "Middle Of The Road" Bollywood Films

3. Naram Garam

Directed by the celebrated and much respected Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Naram Garam presents a complex but light hearted plot that was well justified by the great actors like Utpal Dutta, Amol Palekar, AK Hangal, Dina Pathak, the main female lead, Swaroop Swampat and, of course, our very own Shatrughan Sinha! "Middle Of The Road" Bollywood Films

2. Kisise Na Kehna

Do modern girls always have to be bad? Well, this film breaks all the stereotypes associated with “modern women” and how nicely so! "Middle Of The Road" Bollywood Films

1. Chashme Buddoor


One of our favorites, this is a film that intricately pictures out the psychology of young boys (No! They don’t have to be bad, always!). Do watch it if you’ve still unlucky enough to not watch it! "Middle Of The Road" Bollywood Films

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