16 Kickass Foreign Trips That Will Cost You Less Than An iPhone

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10:00 am 13 Jun, 2015


1. Go Mauritius.

Mauritius is a slice of paradise. The beauty of this place lies in its undisturbed nature and there can be no better place than walking on white sand beaches and taking a dive in true blue waters of the ocean.

Total Budget: You can get hotels for as cheap as Rs.2000/night or even less. You can also book a package that would cost you between 60-65 thousand rupees for almost 6 nights, which is equal to the cost of an iPhone6 Plus (64 GB is INR. 63,000).


2. Get lost in Egypt.

Your trip will be complete in just under Rs.50-70K. Egypt is the gift of Nile and this is a land of mystery, huge pyramids, and countless myths.

Airfare: Tickets may cost you Rs.24-26K, if booked in advance.

Total Budget: You can get the best luxury hotel which may cost you around Rs.6-8K and total expense would be much less than buying an iPhone 6 Plus Gold (128GB INR. 73,000).


3. Enjoy the colours of Singapore.

This small and colourful country of Singapore offers a wide variety of places to be explored. Singapore is one of the most visited tourist places by Indians, where they can party hard and safe.

Airfare: You will have to spend somewhere around Rs.25-30K if booked in advance

Total Budget: Singapore is totally possible under Rs.60 thousand for 5 days, and the trip is worth ditching an iPhone 6 Plus (64 GB INR. 63,000).


4. Hog on the streets of Thailand

A trip to Thailand is totally possible for a cost less than that of an iPhone. This is among the most beautiful countries in the Indian Ocean region where you can eat street food and shop anonymously. Not to miss watching various celebrations of the Thai culture.

Airfare: Air tickets to Thailand can be as cheap as Rs.15k.

Total Budget: Overall experience of Thailand will cost you less than buying an iPhone 6 Plus (Rs. 53,000)
Many of the Thai packages start from Rs.35K and can go up to Rs.45K. (Packages include airfare too.)


5. The authentic Vietnam.

Have a time to visit the Vietnam once and get completely absorbed with the beautiful and pure environment there?This is a land of freedom and happiness, where you can enjoy for as cheap as Rs.500/night in the city of Ho Chi Minh.

Airfare: As low as Rs.18,000.

Budget: The total budget would cost you way less than iPhone 6 (INR. 46,000). You can spend approx. Rs.35-45 thousand for a gala time in this exotic country. (Depends on your hotel bookings)


6. Much like India – Sri Lanka.

The rituals practised in Sri Lanka are much similar to Indian cultures. Sri Lanka is a rugged place of wildlife, endless beaches and ancient cultures that are worth a visit.

Total Budget: There are a host of packages ranging within Rs.40-45 thousand for 4-6 days, which is even less than an iPhone 6 which would cost you Rs.46000.


7. Mind Goggling Cambodia.

Have you heard about tourism in Cambodia before? Cambodia has been a major attraction for travel lovers from all around the world. It is a beautiful land with mountains and grasslands, and many glittering royal places.

Total budget: You can explore this beautiful place in a budget of Rs.50-55K for 4-5 days.


8. Exotic Nepal.

Voila! You don’t even need visas to visit Nepal. If you ever wanted to chill out and date with high clouds, your search ends here. This is an exotic country with many lofty peaks and places to be visited and you can visit Nepal at just…you know it won’t cost you much.


Budget: Nepal tourism packages starts from Rs.25000 (excluding transport) so, on an average, the amount required here would be less than Rs.30-40K for 5-6 days.


9. Little visited kingdom of Bhutan.

Bhutan is a landlocked country in South Asia with many beautiful places to hook upon. The land of Thunder Dragons provides the most serene beauty of nature. Good news is that Bhutan would actually cost you the same amount you would spend in buying an iPhone 4 (Rs.20,000).

Cost: Total budget for 5-6 days in somewhere around Rs.15-20K

Transportation: It would cost you just Rs.2000 and 3 hours 20 minutes from India by road. (Depends on your way of travel.)


10. Let’s get rich with Indonesia.

Indonesia is rich in its heritage and culture so this should be a must visit country. Indonesia consists of thousands of volcanic islands and different groups of people speaking different languages. Don’t miss attractions such as Bali village cycling tour.

Total Budget: You can wrap up your Indonesia trip in just under 50,000 rupees, which is the market price of iPhone 6 plus (16GB).


11. Wake with Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the country which never sleeps! You can watch Hong Kong at its best in its night life, hidden restaurants and the local people living off course. Spending your holidays in Hong Kong is real fun.

Total Budget: The best thing before you visit Hong Kong is to book your trip with good travel agencies. They offer you Hong Kong packages for as low as Rs.30 thousand for 6N/5D.


12. Rejoice in Turkey

Turkey is a beautiful country with huge landscape which is surrounded by fours seas. Attraction here is various historical sites and the sea side beaches off course.

Air fare: Air fare will cost you somewhere around 25-30k

Total budget: Total budget for 4-5 days should be under Rs.70 thousand and obviously less than iPhone 6 Plus Gold (128GB INR. 73,000).


13. Well-kept Global Village – Qatar.

This is the most well-maintained and pristine Arab country. Tourism in Qatar is growing each day and it is also known for the world class hubs with cultural roots.

Air fare: Between Rs.15-20 thousand.

Total Budget: As low as Rs.1500 per night and the estimated total budget including transport should be under Rs.50 thousand.


14. Luxuriate in United Arab Emirates.

Again a great foreign trip from Arab to be included in this list. Perpetual Sun, white sand stretching over acres of land, rich, cultured people has attracted tourism in last few years. Not to forget, Dubai is the important part of this beautiful country.

Air fare: Rs.16000-17000 if booked in advance

Total Budget: You can get a luxury stay in hotel that would cost around Rs.2500- 4000 so the estimated budget for 5 days comes up to Rs.25-30K.


So what would you choose to do next? Buy an iPhone or hook to one of these kickass foreign places. I would say, go travel somewhere!