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15 Totally WTF Facts About Condoms We Bet You Didn’t Know!

Published on 27 February, 2018 at 3:30 pm By

As health advocates and doctors around the world stress that condoms reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and help people from deadly infections, the largest safest bet to avoiding parenthood comes with its own uniqueness. Condoms have now become the world’s most beloved method of contraception. The simple fact that they are an effective and important tool against sexually transmitted infections, is something which the world has increasingly become aware of. But do we know it all?


So, here are 15 SHOCKING facts about condoms which will also educate you a bit. After all, it’s not so gross or bad!


1. Condoms are being used since 15000 years ago!

Even our great, great grandfathers realized the importance of condoms and safe sex! The first known claim of the use of condoms was depicted in a French cave painting in Grotte des Combarrelles, estimated to be between 12,000 and 15,000 years old. The walls are painted with a man using a condom-like covering — reportedly animal skin (for sexual intercourse). A book named ‘Johnny Come Lately: A short history of condom’ has this proof. Scientists are convinced that even the ancient men knew them.


2. Around 40% of condoms are brought by women!

Yes, why should men have all the fun?! In recent surveys and data collected, an astonishing 40 percent of condom sales are thanks to women. While you thought only guys are comfortable purchasing them, the reality check talks something different! These 40% women are conscious about their sexual health and men must follow suit!


3. The oldest condoms were actually made of pig’s intestines!

Grossed out? But back in the days, condoms were commonly made from the body parts of animals such as their bladder, fish skin, animals horns, tortoise shell etc. But the truth behind Pig’s intestines can be confirmed in an Austrian museum which hosts the world’s oldest surviving condom, which was made in 1640. What is interesting is that it’s a reusable condom and its original user’s manual is written in Latin.


4. Valentine’s day is all about National Condom Day!

With hearts fluttering and linen bed sheets waiting for a sassy time, Valentine’s Day is all about having a good time between those sheets and getting the pulse racing. The collected data says there are around 87 condoms used per second on 14th February in the US. The data surely gives this day its second name, that is, National Condom Day. National Condom Day really lives up to its title!


5. Danish people use this 30-letter-word for condoms!

If you thought saying condoms is easy, wait till you read what Danish call them. They use an incredibly long word called ‘SVANGERSKABSFOREBYGGENDEMIDDEL’ to refer condoms! Yes, it’s bizarre and no-one can actually pronounce it. Condoms are also called Jimmes and Gummimand.



6. A used condom is called a SCUMBAG

As we just mentioned about the two nicknames for condoms, we like to remind you that a used condom is called a ‘scumbag’. As the name explains itself, a used condom that has semen of a man is called a scumbag and the term was derived in the 1960s.


7. Condoms were used by soldiers to protect their rifles!

Condoms have more use than one – German soldiers used them during the Second World War, to cover the barrels of their rifles and keep their weapons intact and rust free. The military men of the 19th century particularly thought of condoms to be as essential as guns while in combat. The legitimate use of condoms protected their rifles from rusting and wear and tear.


8. Condoms are used to protect microphones.

Worried about too much perspiration in your microphone while singing? Cats, the first Broadway show experimented with condoms (for technical use), to protect body microphone receivers from perspiration. As of 1997, the long running musical had reportedly used and disposed off approximately 49,000 condoms.


9. Condoms aren’t one size which fits all.

Condoms come in THREE sizes: smaller, standard and larger. If you hate condoms, you might be just wearing the incorrect size! You’ll have to check and measure yourself up to determine which size suits you the best!


10. Condoms make sexual intercourse 10,000 times safer.

If you don’t want to acquire HIV or any other sexually transmitted diseases, be careful and don’t take risks. The use of condoms practically keeps you away from any such diseases and the high level of protection by using them, keeps any unwanted visit to the doctor away!


11. Condoms have set multiple records!

Some of them include: Most condoms pulled through the nose at once (3 in this case), longest condom chain (25,773 condoms tied together), largest condom mosaic (made from 685 condom packs), and of course, China holds the world record for creating the largest condom (an 80 meter x 100 meter condom).


12. Only 5 percent of men around the world wear condoms. 

5% seems really low keeping in mind the number of HIV/AIDS cases in the world. While a variety of countries still don’t have access to the concept of contraception, the ones who do should be more responsible.


13. Bill Gates wants to make a one-size condom for all!

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation actually offers up $100,000 grants to people trying to make better condoms. In his quest, he wishes to introduce condoms that actually mould to the penis (making for a one-size-fits-all perfect solution)


14. People with latex allergies can also use condoms!

People with latex allergies need not fret. They can use latex-free condoms made of polyurethane and polyisoprene (if you’re allergic to both latex and polyurethane). Most condoms are made out of latex, but there’s non-latex for anyone with an allergy, which is a good thing. In the unique cases, you can buy lambskin condoms, which are actually made from lamb intestines, not skin.


15. Last, but not the least, condoms are the CHEAPEST birth control method.

Men and women need not worry about themselves with birth control and contraception if they use this divine invention. A condom costs very little is sometimes even given out for free. It’s cheaper to control your desires than have to bear the cost of raising an adult in your moment of pleasure.



We hope you’re taking precaution and these facts left you shocked and educated! Tell us in the comments box.


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