15 Unforgettable Romantic Songs By Kumar Sanu

7:00 am 30 May, 2014

After Muhammad Rafi and Kishore Kumar passed away, the Hindi Film Industry was left with a vacuum—no one was there who could meet up to the expectation and cater to the rising demands of a romantic voice. Then came Kumar Sanu, and the rest is, as we all know, History! He’s a person who beat all the records by having won the Filmfare Awards consecutively for over 5 years. Here’s our pick of some of his best immortal romantic numbers—

15. Honthon Pe Bas Tera Naam Hai

The film Yeh Dillagi might have simply come and gone, but this sizzling number from the film has stayed on. If you want any subtle but sexy number from the 90s, then this be it!

14. Ae Kaash Ke Hum Hosh Mein

Again another hit—a soft, romantic number from a non-blockbuster. But, surely this had to be one of Sanu’s best ever. Yes, it’s not an out and out “romantic” number, but the playful ease with which the song is sung and picturized, indeed makes it a great one!

13. Suno Zara Hawaon Mein

This endearing song by the famous Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik pair might be the favorite of numerous couples around, but ask about the film, I bet most of you haven’t any idea! Anyway, we’re still thankful to the filmmaker for this film—Bada Din, for obvious reasons!

12. Jadu Hai Tera Hi Jadu

The realization that you’ve fallen in love for the first time can be reciprocated to the self with nothing else but this song! Correct us if we’re wrong!

11. Madhosh Dil Ki Dhadkan

This Salman Khan and Twinkle Khanna starrer back then could be viewed again and again, not for the plot, but for this great number! However, thanks to Youtube and the rest, you don’t have to go through all the pains of tolerating this film—phew!

10. Jo Haal Dil Ka Idhar Ho Raha Hai

Now finally here we have a full-on romantic number from a super hit film, Sarfarosh. We love this song for its magical charm—and of course, for the fact that it acts like a magical sojourn amidst this otherwise rough-and-tough film!

9. Pyar Ko Ho Jane Do

Kumar Sanu and Lata Mangeshkar made quite a great pair, ain’t it? Well, if you doubt what we said just now, listen to this song from Dushman. We bet you’ll be floored!

8. Dekha Jo Tumko Yeh Dil Ko Kya Hua Hai

The film surely might be a big turn off for anyone, but this song is sure to lift up your mood at any point. We recommend this song when, after a fight with your love, you wanna seal it up with a kiss! You won’t be disappointed.

7. Sochenge Tumhe Pyaar Kare Ke Nahin

Now, this is from a film which got Sanu his second Film Fare Award—a really timeless classic song which can surpass any time and space circle!

6. Mera Dil Bhi Kitna Pagal Hai

Let’s for once, don’t say anything and simply let the song do the talk—this is surely one of our best picks of the day—another timeless classic by Kumar Sanu from Saajan.

5. Ruth Na Jana Tum Se Kahoon Toh

Definitely one of his best, this song, along with the rest, are surely reason enough to crown this person as the king of Hindi Romantic Songs, after Kishore Kumar and Muhammad Rafi!

4. Tujhe Dekha Toh Ye Jana Sanam

In India, if this film is the Bible to all the souls in love, then surely this song has to be the most important psalm. There cannot be one living soul in India who doesn’t love this song—well, literally so!

3. Ek Hi Shararat Hone Ko

The song from Duplicate might not be the quintessential romantic song but its playful ease and the continuous teasing involved therein simply places this song right up in the list!

2. Ek Din Aap Yun

This film again proved that no matter how many singers you have, for singing romantic songs, you’ve got to resort to Kumar Sanu. And, we cannot disagree to this fact, after all, this is undoubtedly the film’s best song!

1. Rimjhim Rimjhim

This song defines love like very fewer songs in Bollywood ever did. We owe it to the singers, to Javed Akhtar and to the great R.D. Burman—thanks for the song!


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