15 Things That Happen If You Are Having A Crush On Someone

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2:02 pm 8 Jan, 2015


If you have ever had a crush on someone, which I am sure you might have had, this post will be a deja vu for all that you experienced when you went weak on your knees. Crush has a ‘no pain and no gain’ philosophy, where you are spared the heartache and the tumultuous twists a committed relationship experiences. If you haven’t yet had a crush on someone, you better should. Enjoy this phase till your heart falls for the perfect guy or gal.

15. Daydreaming becomes a favorite pastime

No minute or second passes without thinking of your crush. Dreaming about your love interest occupies your mind and soul so much that who is sitting next to you or what anyone is talking about, hardly reaches your ears.

14. Unexplained nervousness become regular

Ever felt those sudden bouts of nervousness when your crush passes by. The uncontrollable loud noise of heart beating makes you wonder if a loudspeaker has been installed in your heart.

13. You want to search them in a crowd


This is way bit funny, when you expect your crush to land up whenever you are out shopping or to grab a cup of coffee. You definitely wished if Google Search could have been applicable here as well, helping you search the face you long to see amongst the crowd.



12. Can’t stop blushing

The blush just doesn’t seem to leave your face when your crush is near or when you are dreaming of him. This glow may save the money you spend on cosmetics.

11. Dress as if you are going out on a date

You leave no stone unturned to impress your crush, so when it comes to dresses, you would opt for a complete wardrobe revamp. It might surprise your friends and family when you end up dressing up as if there is a party in the house.

10. You behave like a stalker

Blame your weak heart to the instinct to stalk your crush every now and then. Of course, you prefer to disguise before being caught redhanded.

Will Farrell

9. He loves me; he loves me not

Wasting mother nature’s beauty on this question, though is a waste of time, still you invest all your time and sacrifice all the lovely flowers.


8. Envy everyone who has been ‘a has been’

You feel you are entitled to know whoever has been a part of your crush’s life. So the minute you see your love interest walking in with another girl, your mind wanders to “Who’s she, and what is she doing with him?” This inquisitive attitude compels you to stalk your crush’s companion as well.


7. Can’t stop gossiping

As you are in the process to come closer to your crush, you have the urge to talk about your feelings to someone. Who else can give you a lending ear other than your best friends, who not only motivate you but leave no opportunity to tease you every now and then?

6. Suffer from insomnia

Only if daydreaming was sufficient for those having a crush, but no, the night time is spent awake rewinding all that you attempted to gather his attention throughout the day.


5. You go on blabbering

When the moment arrives when your crush approaches you, you are left tongue-tied, and the minute you open your mouth to say something, the weirdest something comes out from your voice box. If you thought clearing your throat would have worked here then think again; you end up making another blunder by responding to a simple ‘How are you‘ with ‘I am you‘ or ‘You are fine

4. Witness anxiety attack

This is the pity phase when the crush takes your emotions for a ride. With all the confusion of whether your crush likes you or not and “Am I in love?” is sure to make your gut weak. If you have a habit of nail biting, this anxiety might just see your nails getting sacrificed with agony.



3. You tend to ignore your crush

Though you want to be in their presence, sometimes you might just find yourself ignoring your crush. This is not to humiliate your crush, but to spare yourself from an embarrassment of fumbling or acting gawky when they lay the eyes on you.



2. Draw comparisons between past and present

You are bound to compare your crush with your ex or another crush. This is an inevitable reaction expected from every human being, in love or not in love.



1. You become a liar

The underlying fact of having a crush is slowly transforming yourself into becoming a big fat liar. Be it giving excuses to your friends for ignoring a hangout or to your parents for coming home late, you deal with all this with a witty lie.





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