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15 Survival Tips for Those Moving To Mumbai

Updated on 23 June, 2015 at 5:47 pm By

To most of us Indians, the word Mumbai has a kind of magic spell attached to it that attracts people towards it like swarms of bees! And, why not—it is, after all, the commercial capital of India and houses the 2nd largest film fraternity of the world, Bollywood! However, no matter how much of a spell it casts on us and how much we get attracted towards the glamorous lifestyle of the city, life in Mumbai isn’t at all romanticizing, especially for the new-comers to the city who dream to make it big in here! Yet, to make your stay in Mumbai easier, we’ve come up with a few tricks that’ll help you in the long run. To know more, just read on—

15. Rush is your new friend


One of the first tricks to learn while your stay in here is to get used to the rush! Mumbai is the busiest metropolitan in the country, and if you’re coming here from any small towns or cities, you better buck up, or see your hope to survive in Mumbai shatter!

mumbai rush hour

14. Imprint railway network in your memory

The next thing which you must have is a well-informed map of the suburban railway network of Mumbai—the fastest and most reliable mode of transportation in the city. That’s your major weapon, or should we say Brahmastra to stay in Mumbai!

railway network

13. The morning battle

If you’re traveling from North to South Mumbai during the peak hours in train, be prepared to fight a miniature battle everyday while boarding and alighting from the train. The peak hours in Mumbai starts from 7:30 and continues till 10AM—so, be on guard and manage your belongings accordingly.

morning battle


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12. Train, train and train

If you’ve missed one train, don’t jump, panic or run after the train; you’ll get another train within 2-3 minutes.


11. It’s jam in peak hours

If you have much time at your leisure while going to college or office at the peak hours, you may board the buses. Otherwise, steer clear from them. You should never trust Mumbai’s traffic jam!

mumbai jam

10. Save your pocket, approach PG

If you’re a student or a new professional, don’t bother to get an apartment all for yourself, unless your office provides you with one! The best and pocket-friendly way to stay in Mumbai is to find a nice PG. Otherwise, be prepared to see all your salary getting drained while paying the home rents!

save your pocket

9. The reality of lovely monsoon

If watching Wake Up, Sid made you fall in love with the monsoon in Mumbai, just pinch yourself to reality. Monsoon is at its pathetic best in Mumbai and has the capacity of ruining major and well-planned programs. However, things are different if you’re staying in a grand bungalow at South Mumbai and have a BMW at your service, always!

lovely monsoon

8. Beware of unprecedented rain

During monsoon, always make it a point to carry zip-lock bags and polythene packets along with you so that you can stuff in your cell phones and other electronic gadgets in case of a sudden downpour.

mumbai rains

7. Foodie way

If you’re the one who always despises road-side food stalls, you might just need to change your habit. You’ve got two reasons for it: firstly, since staying in Mumbai is indeed very costly and with these roadside stalls around, you might just add up a bit on your savings; and secondly, they are super tasty—sometimes even the fine restaurants can’t beat their taste!

road-side food stalls

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6. Utilize your smartphone

If you’re to stay in Mumbai for a long time, get the Google Maps apps downloaded in your cell phones. This actually helps a lot in knowing the city well and prevents getting lost (which is possible), especially if you’re from a small town or city.


5. Save your travelling time

Get a bus pass or a railway pass made, depending on the mode of transport you’re to avail frequently. It saves up on a whole lot of time.

save your time

4. Direction matters

If you’re to ask direction from someone, try and find any old person to help you out—they are politer and kinder! Otherwise, ask any shop owner—but never an auto driver, they might just find a way to encash upon you!


3. Say hello to the local language

Try and learn Marathi—not totally, at least a few important words. And yes, get your Hindi vocabulary stronger, especially if you’re from Bengal or South India. Do learn the Hindi digits properly as all the bus and train numbers are written in Hindi!

mumbai marathi

2. Know your rights

If you’re a girl shifting your base to Mumbai, you should know that no auto driver can refuse you after 7PM. It’s a rule. And, if any auto driver does so, report to the RTO without wasting any moment.

know your rights

1. Go pro

Lastly, be professional in Mumbai. The people of Mumbai might not be rude but they do not have time listen to your dilemmas and be welcoming towards you. So, just be you and keep to yourself.




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