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15 Outrageous Celebrity Purchases Of All Time That Will Leave You Stunned

Published on 17 March, 2018 at 5:06 pm By

It’s easy to understand why a celebrity would want to splurge a little here and there. Celebs are known for their outlandish spending, but sometimes they can go overboard with their money. They spend their millions like you can’t imagine – but it’s out there for you to judge and make your own assessments. They are happy spending on themselves and on their rich kids. Right from crystallised bathtubs to personalised accessories, celebs have done it all.

A big mansion for your beloved dogs, your own Burger King, Starbucks and the extinct Dinosaurs – they are entitled to purchase them all! Sometimes though, these outlandish purchases can seem absurd but have a look at them anyway:


1. Kim Basinger – bought an entire township!


In 1989, Oscar winning actress and Georgia-native, Kim Basinger, along with other investors apparently bought 1,751 acres of the 2,000+ acre town for a whopping $20 million! When her intention of turning her hometown’s farmland into a tourist attraction and film studio failed, she auctioned it off in 1995 as part of her bankruptcy.


2. Magic Johnson – bought 30 Burger King franchises.



The basketball mogul and former NBA star Magic Johnson, like many other athletes, had to spend his enormous wealth on something. He too turned his post-sports career into a business. He chose to side with Burger King and went into its franchising in 2004. Johnson had also bought 105 coffee chain Starbucks franchises, but later sold them. The basketball champ still has those burgers in his kitty though.


3. Katy Perry – bought Russell Brand a $200,000 ticket to space!


For his 35th birthday in 2010, acclaimed singer Katy Perry bought her then-fiance British comedian Russel Brand, a gift which he would only ‘imagined’. She bought him a ticket for Richard Branson’s spaceship company Virgin Galactic and wanted him off to space! Not that she had assumed that he would be heading off anyway, she clearly didn’t realise this ticket would be a waste when they got divorced. We still don’t know if Brand holds the ticket and will be flying off soon!


4. Ashton Kutcher – bought a space ticket for himself!



After Katy Perry, cute Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher (who is married to the sexy Mila Kunis) also bought the 500th ticket of Richard Branson’s Virgin galactic spaceship ride- which will carry paying customers up to the edge of space and back.


5. Mariah Carey – has a candy-filled room for her kids!



This seems candylicious! This couple never failed to lavish their kids with anything they ever wanted. The millionaire couple Mariah Carey and Nick Carter, both of whom ruled the music world, had a very ‘sweet’ idea to spoil their tots. The couple (now split up) designed a special candy room for them. Both candy enthusiasts themselves, they made sure it was complete with its own candy making machine, pop treats, lollipops and all sorts of sweets which kids dream of.


6. Nicolas Cage – beat Leonardo DiCaprio over a $276,000 dinosaur skull!



This isn’t one of those Hollywood movies but yet it seems so. In 2007, Nicolas Cage became the proud owner of a 67 million year old Tyrannosaurus bataar skull after beating Leonardo Di Caprio for its ownership. His priced possession lived a short life, after Cage found out that the skull was originally stolen from Mongolia by a fossil smuggler, he gave it back in 2015.


7. Paris Hilton – spent $325,000 on her dogs!



Yes, you read it right – when you’re the heiress to a million dollar fortune, it won’t pinch your pocket when it comes to spending. Paris Hilton spent a staggering amount on luxurious dog mansion for her cute pooches as she’s very fond of them. The two-storied high and 300 square feet mansion is complete with a balcony, black crystal chandelier, and of course designer furniture.


8. Celine Dion – requested a $2 million humidifier to protect her vocals!


And why not? The singer who enthralled us with the soulful song from Titanic, has a thing with humidifiers. During a three-year residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas starting in 2002, Celine Dion had installed a very expensive humidifier in a bid to “preserve her singing voice in the harsh desert climate.” The misting device hung above the stage while she performed! Now that must have been some performance!


9. Kelly Rowland – bought Swarovski-studded bathtub for Jay-Z’s daughter.


It was one of Jay-Z’s daughter’s most (and many) expensive gifts for Beyoncé’s baby shower. The couple who are known to spend lavishly on their kids – from designer clothes to designer handbags – bought their daughter Blue Ivy a gown worth $11,000 for the MTV VMAs.


10. Donald Trump – installed a gold bathroom in a jet!



The President of the United States has found a spot in this ridiculous as well! In 2011, after buying Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s Boeing 757 for a whopping $100 million, Trump wasn’t still satisfied enough and thought it didn’t make him look richer (maybe some people don’t care). So he went ahead and added a bunch of golden features and accents, including a gold-plated sink, to his already rich aircraft. Taking a nature’s call dipped in gold, does that make you look richer now Mr President?


11. Victoria Beckham – spent $35,998 on a gold-plated iPhone.



Ex-spice girl and now established Fashion designer Victoria Beckham has more than a dashing husband to be proud of. The designer splurged her ridiculous savings on a handcrafted phone which was designed by Stuart Hughes and was made of 150 grams of 24-carat gold! She bought it in 2013, so there have been many upgrades which Apple is proud of – but this one is truly special and not for everyone’s smart pocket!


12. Justin Bieber – a $5,000 Halloween costume!



Though it seems like little change for teenage pop sensation Justin Bieber, not many people would like to spend $5000 on a costume which they will throw away the next day! But tattooed Justin shouldn’t have any qualms about that. It was in 2011, when he decided to spend that much money on looking good on Halloween day. We haven’t seen it ever since, but he did what he thought will make him look different!


13. Beyoncé – spent $100,000 on gold leggings!



This isn’t lame stuff. Beyonce wanted something extra special for her performance and her extra special were these Balenciaga leggings during her performance at the 2007 BET Awards. Wonder what the dry cleaning bill for a pair of those is? Those shining leggings were made of real gold in case you had any doubt and cost around $100,00!


14. Lady Gaga – spent $50,000 on a ghostbuster.



This one is as creepy as it sounds! According to E!, Lady Gaga spends thousands on ghost hunters because of her extreme fear of ghosts. She purchased an Electro-Magnetic Field Reader in the year 2010 to actually keep ghosts at bay while she tours.


15. Bono – bought a plane ticket to deliver his hat.



Some people can’t forget things but when they do, they find a way to retrieve it. Flying to Italy for a charity concert in 2003, Bono forgot his favorite hat in London and he wasn’t going to leave it just there. He decided to have it ferried it to him immediately and paid for an expense-paid plane ticket, cab rides, insurance, and tips – just to have it delivered to him in Italy. Hats off to you!


This list certainly seems intriguing and interesting. Is there any insane article you purchased ever? Tell us in the comments.






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