15 Most Common Movie Poster Themes

We’ve seen plethora of movies which are lifted from elsewhere. A certain scene, music or theme often reminds you about a flick which you’ve seen before. Adding an extra level to the amazement of copy-cat phenomenon, movie posters, nowadays, are too created by copying existing poster themes. Text could be different, image could be different, but eventually the feel of theme is always the same. Below, we’ve compiled a list of most common movie poster themes which have amazed the mainstream. Here we go!

1. Blue hues for wildlife documentaries

2. Black and white (and Guns) means action

3. Strong female figures twisting to expose their backs (and bums) along with faces

4. The devil’s with hot legs

5. Blindfolds portraying lady justice

6. Mosaic depict mystery

7. Oceans reflect inspiration

8. Eyes carrying the weight of inner struggle

9. Expression of “Detachment” by using a sturdy bench

10. Lips for that seductive message

11. Yellow hues for the Indie charm

12. “We’re in this together” pose

13. Superheroes on ledges

14. Action thrillers belong to the back alley

15. “Trajan” is the favourite movie font

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