15 Times Harry Potter’s Creator J. K. Rowling’s Sassy Tweets Made Us Go Gaga Over Her

6:38 pm 31 Jul, 2018


For 10 years, Joanne Rowling popularly known as J. K. Rowling kept us addicted to the life story of Harry Potter. And, we know the craze will stay like this forever. Her words have not only weaved magic in the Harry Potter’s world but in our lives also. J. K. Rowling has a magical way with words and that’s apparent on her social media posts as well. The British novelist has impressed us innumerable times with her wittiest responses while shutting down internet trolls.

Moreover, J. K. Rowling has been quite vocal about her political opinions, especially when it comes to the US President Donald Trump. Her Twitter page has garnered both haters and supporters who keep her account lively just like her. On her 53rd birthday, we are remembering the best tweets of Rowling that will remind us about her enchanting and bold spirit that mesmerized us.



From brutal responses to the trolls to providing insights on Harry Potter twists and turns, check out some of the sassiest tweets by J. K. Rowling that surely proves that she is the unrivaled queen of social media:


1. That’s how you respond to haters!



2. That’s the hatred that comes after jealousy, Queen!



3. What a kickass reply to the ‘idiot’ who tried to criticize Serena Williams!



4. When she gave a hard-hitting reply to the troll!



5. When she taught the lesson of a lifetime to the layman!



6. That’s how she slays in her responses!



7.  When she thrashed the troll with the perfect reply possible!



8. The time when she silenced the Twitter user with an epic burn!




9. The time she gave a clear-cut difference between a terrorist and a loner!




10. One of the best tweets by Rowling when she gave alternative suggestions on Harry Potter books featuring Malfoy!



11. The time she shut down a troll like a boss!



12. When she told us about her pleasures! *wink, wink*



13. The time when she tried to make her hater think!!



14. When she lessoned her hater about the freedom of speech!



15. Lastly, when she apologized for killing Snape and broke the internet!



Thank You, J. K. Rowling, for bringing magic into our lives! We still hope to receive our letters from Hogwarts every day!



Happy Birthday Rowling! We will always love you.