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15 Most Historically Accurate Games That Must Be Played By Everyone

Updated on 16 October, 2014 at 5:08 pm By

Ever failed a history test/exam and felt, “Damn, I wish there was an easier way to learn this stuff?” Luckily for you, there is. Games, the most addictive things on the planet, can now be educational. But to what extent do they teach you about history? Not all of them are really accurate. Here’s a list of 15 historically accurate games:

15. Crusader Kings 2


Crusader Kings 2 is a recent release which takes place almost 1500 years ago. The kings, kingdoms and conquests are all real, as well as the feudal relationships between the liege and vassal. If you’re willing to take a trip back in time, try this game out.

Crusader Kings 2

14. Europa Universalis 3

Any history fan will love EU3. It’s set in a historically plausible world where anything can happen, which means they begin from a pre-defined time in history and then allow you to make your moves from there on. The AI doesn’t care much about historical events either, making it fun and entertaining to play.

Europa Universalis 3

13. Victoria 2

Victoria 2 is set in the early 19th century and spans the world over a hundred years as it gives you a chance to play with over 200 nations. It’s kind of like strategizing history, focusing on internal management, covering industrialization and social/political changes with several different government types. Failing to plan is planning to fail!

Victoria 2

12. Hearts of Iron 3


Hearts of Iron 3 engrosses the play by throwing him/her into the riveting World War 2 era. Play from one of several countries through different scenarios between 1936 and 1948, wage war, make peace and create the industrial revolution all over again in the most accurate depiction of World War 2 till date.

Hearts of Iron 3

11. Sengoku: Way of the Warrior

Setting you back 500 years, Sengoku puts you in the role of a 1467 Japanese noble. The aim is to conquer as much of Japan as you can through either treaties or wars. Hire mercenaries, levy soldiers and fleets and build relationships based on your characters traits and situations. Use your mind a little to give a 21st century touch to the 15th century setting.

Sengoku Way of the Warrior

10. March of the Eagles

Ever wondered what it’d be like to live as Napoleon Bonaparte for just one day? Well why wait when March of the Eagles can make experience the whole thing first hand. Set in 1805, play as Napoleon. Put his strategic hat on as you conquer the world or make peace with armed forces, production and diplomacy. There are also different victory conditions for different nations. The choice is yours.

March of the Eagles

9. Mount and Blade: Warband

Another game based on the Napoleon time, Mount and Blade Warband is a multiplayer game developed by Flying Squirrel Entertainment specifically for the wars during the 1800’s. You can choose between one of 5 nations; Britain, Russia, Austria, France or Prussia. Dominate the world in this epic multiplayer game which received an 80% aggregate review from most players. The multiplayer mode would make this game a whole lot of fun.

Mount and Blade

8. The Close Combat series

Another historic series which made full use of real game mechanics, the close combat series is renowned for its adaptation of historic events. The latest, Close Combat 3: The Russian Front allows you to play from the rise of Germany till its fall. Successfully defend against the Nazi invasion or reign as he Germans till 1945. It’s received much acclaim from Gamespot and IGN.

The Close Combat series

7. Total War: Rome 2

The eighth title in the Total War series, Rome 2 was a massive commercial success and stretched way beyond any of the other seven Total War titles. Rome 2 gives emphasis to accurate historical detailing of the Roman campaign, which begins somewhere around 272 B.C. and lasts for over 300 years. Control on of the strongest forces in history as you demolish, destroy, divide and conquer.

Total War Rome 2

6. Civilization 5

Civilization doesn’t want to give you just a snippet of history but the entire version in condensed form. Build an army from prehistoric times as you lead your army into the future on a procedurally generated map, conquering either through research, exploration, diplomacy expansion, economic development or plain ol’ military conquest. The Civilization series is highly acclaimed and one of the most fun titles you’ll ever play.

Civilization 5

5. Unity of Command

Unlike most titles which will throw you into the main time line, Unity of Command focuses on teaching it’s users about the events that led up to World War 2. The story begins in the 1942/43 Stalingrad Campaign on the Eastern Front which will keep you grilled to your seat (and no I’m not getting paid to say this).

Unity of Command

4. Red Turn: The Road to Berlin

Boy, people sure love making games about WW2 huh.  Red Turn takes you closer to Germany’s downfall. It places you in 1943 where the battle of Kursk takes place. The Wehrmacht pursue an offensive agenda for one last time. It’s your job to rid the Motherland of the Red Army forces. Push the burning plains with 39 different types of units as history seeks to repeat itself one last time.

Red Turn The Road to Berlin

3. Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway

Okay I promise, this is the last WW2 title on the list. Brothers in Arms follows a squad of men of the 101st Airborne Division, led by Sergeant Matthew Baker through the Allied Operations during World War 2. Though it’s been criticized for its bugs and slightly lackluster gameplay, it’s very historically accurate and received accolades for its portrayal of WW2.

Brothers in Arms Hell’s Highway

2.  Age of Empires

Every gamer would have heard of the Age of Empires series. AoE 2 and 3, although it doesn’t dwell on historic events, leads you through a transition in what can be seen as Man’s ‘coming of age’. Play as one of many factions as you try to eradicate your foes or partner up and wreak havoc on the playing field. AoE is still one of the most popularly played multi-player games because of its gameplay and advancements.

Age of Empires

1. Assassin’s Creed

There’s no better title to take the No.1 spot than Assassin’s Creed. Although it’s not historically perfect, it teaches its players about the architecture, trade, social and political strategies of the countries they’re based on. Browse through the four titles and pick from the award winning games as it throws you into a world full of amazing graphics, first hand strategy and trains you to be a real assassin. Assassin’s Creed 5 is supposed to be as historically accurate as possible, which only makes playing the game even better.


Assassin’s Creed


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