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15 Good Reasons Why South Indians Enjoy Eating With Bare Hands

Updated on 20 December, 2014 at 7:38 pm By

It’s not hard to notice the great divide between North and South Indians, when it comes to comparing lifestyle, habits, food, and yes, even eating habits. All Indians love to eat with bare hands but when it comes to eating anything other than rotis, puris and the likes, North Indians have taken to a preference of eating with spoons rather than hands. It is different South Indians, who true to the Indian style of eating, would nearly always prefer to eat with bare hands.


Much fun it made of South Indians for this eating habit but here we list out a few reasons that tell a different story.


For once, try eating rasam and chawal with your spoon. Let us know how you succeeded?

Rice and Rasam



Well, I know and can guarantee the hygiene level of my hands. How on earth do I do the same for the spoons used in restaurants?

Eating with hand




Where a spoon is used by many people before or after you have eaten with it, your hands cannot be used by anyone other than yourself.

eating food



Come on guys, eating is also about enjoying the food. And, you can enjoy it best only when 4 out of 5 sensations work over it—taste, smell, sight and, last but not the least, touch.

awesome south indian food



If you try and eat Dosa with a spoon, then, sorry to say, you’re one big bimbo (and, for the record, we’re not being gender biased).

eating dosa


Ah! Before you criminalize South Indians for eating by using their hands for eating, try and eat a gooey NY burger or sandwich with your spoon. If you succeed, we are ready to take a bow for the feat achieved.



Using a fork and a knife means you’ll have to be extra careful while handling your food (yes, you can be a master at that, but still accidents might happen). But, in case of your hands, you surely know your food is in safe hands.

Eating with fork and knife


Etiquette is when you only use your fingers to grab and eat the food without letting the food touch your palm. Trust the South Indians to excel in this with flying colors!



Try ripping of fish from the miniscule bones by using your spoons, fork and knife. Or, even attempt to devour a Malabar chicken leg piece with your spoon/fork/knife.



Okay, one of the simplest logic is—if you find your food too gooey or yucky to let your hands on, then how on earth can you expel if from your mouth with a spoon, fork and knife? Tut, it’s common sense ya!

beautiful girls eating pizza


To those who frequent the KFC eateries ‘it’s finger lickin’ good’.

Indians at kfc


On a serious note, let’s learn about the great benefits of having food by using your hands and fingers. While you’re having food with fingers, they do get stimulated and improve blood circulation.

Indians eating


The Vedas link our five fingers to the elements, fire to the thumb, ether to the index finger, air to the middle finger, water to the ring finger and earth to the little finger. When eating food with your own hands, the religious text symbolically connects all these powers to the food on your plate.



Every country has devised its own ways for eating food, where some use spoons, forks and knives, others use chopsticks but many around the world prefer to use their bare hands. Big Deal! Learn to be proud of your etiquette. We’ve never seen an Italian getting conscious while using their hands to tear off a pizza slice or haven’t recorded an American savoring gooey sandwiches and chips using a fork and a knife. It’s high time you, GROW up!



Last but not the least; it’s NOT about being a South Indian or a North Indian or an East or West Indian. It’s about loving and abiding by your own culture and etiquette.



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