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15 Games Only Meant For Adults

Updated on 28 November, 2018 at 2:36 pm By

Growing up can be a pain in the ass; having to follow rules, listening to your seniors and parents, you can’t drink, you can’t drive, you can speak your mind….okay it really sucks. But the best things are worth waiting for, aren’t they? With great age comes great games and as you get older, you’re exposed to a wider variety of them. But the fun only begins when you play the ‘Only Meant for Adults’ games, which are the PG 18 ones.


Here’s a list of adult games for you and your friends to enjoy:

15. Time’s Up Deluxe

Time’s Up Deluxe is a two per team board game in which you’ll have to try and make your partner guess the celebrity before the time’s run out. If they guess right, you get to keep going till your share of the time is over. This game caters to adults because the peak of celebrity following happens only after you come of age. It’s not biased to actors alone but any celebrity in general, which makes it slightly challenging and a whole lot of fun.

Time’s Up Deluxe

14. The Celebrity Couple Game

Another cute game for adults is the Celebrity Couple Game. It serves as a nice ice breaker game for small groups of people. Before a gathering, write one half of any celebrity couple on a sticky note. Then paste it on someone’s back and the other half on someone else’s without the players being able to see it. Eventually, people have to go around in turns finding their celebrity pairs. It’s a great way to get to know each other in a short span of time.

The Celebrity Couple Game

13. The Dirty Mind Game

Most adult games are fun because they’re sleazy. The Dirty Mind Game is one of my personal favorites. A set of questions are designed to make you think the answer is something vulgar or disgusting, but it actually isn’t. The fun part is how well the question describes exactly what you’re thinking, though it’ll never be that. Google the game and have a blast laughing at people trying not to say what they’re thinking.


The Dirty Mind Game

12. Loaded Questions

Loaded questions is a board game which has one main roller and everyone else participates as pawns in the game. The roller asks one of four basic types of questions: Hypotheticals, Anything Goes, No-Brainers, and Personals. Everyone writes down their answers and the roller of the next turn guesses the answers for the previous one. Every right answer moves you one step on the board and the first one to reach WIN, loses….I mean wins. Sounds fun to me, especially if you know each other well.

Loaded Questions

11. Curses

Unfortunately, it’s not what you think. Curses is a game of whacky rules which one player gives to another. You get a strike every time you don’t follow the rule and after a certain number of strikes (mostly 3 to 5), you’re out. The last one left, wins. It’s a lot of fun because a set of cards asks you to enact a situation and as the game progresses, more and more restrictions are placed upon you by curses. Performing under those restrictions makes it hilarious and challenging.


10. Anagrams

Anagrams is a game in which you give a group of people random words and through the miracle that is our mind, they have to try and rearrange it to create another set of words. It gets you thinking, especially if you’re a couple of shots/beers down. That’s when it really becomes amazing. Your mind starts forming these amazing words and creating things that don’t even exist in the dictionary. Good sober, best high, unreadable drunk.


9. Jet

Jet is a simple drinking game that just seems impossible after thirty minutes. Basically a group of people attempt to say numbers, positive being to the right and negative being to your left. Now the maximum number is one less than the total number of people. So if there are 9, 8 is the maximum number. When you say 4, the 4th person to your right says a number and it goes back and forth. But if a person responds to a number he’s not supposed to, he takes a drink and the game continues. Eventually, everyone’s asleep and hangover the next day.


8. Blackjack

Blackjack is a popular cards game where the dealer is the House and everyone else plays against him. Each person chooses 1-4 hands and the dealer deals him as many. He places cards open in order and then one for himself face up. Then he places the second set of cards over the first one and puts his face down. The goal is to sum up the cards to 21. Anything more and you lose money to the house. When the dealer either goes over 21 stops under your sum total, you win. Else, you pay the house. It’s an amazing game and if you can count cards, you’ll probably win every time.


7. Beer Pong

Beer pong is amazing and I suggest every house party enthusiast to host this game. Get a bunch of cups and fill them to the brim with beer. Two players stand on opposite sides of the table and attempt to throw a ping pong ball directly into the cup. If the ball falls in a cup, the opponent drinks the cup whole. Then he tries to throw it across. After one or two glasses, the real fun begins. If you’re down two cups and the opponent none, it’s better to quit before you pass out.

Beer Pong

6. Thumbmaster

The name is silly, but the game is surprisingly hard. One among the group is selected as the Thumbmaster. When he places his thumb on a table, everyone else must place theirs as well. The last one with their thumb on the table takes a drink and becomes the new thumbmaster. This game requires a lot of attention, which is ironic considering you’ll be pretty sloshed pretty soon (if you’re one of those unlucky ones).


5. Poker

Probably the most infamous game of all time, Poker involves lying, cheating and stealing! Okay I lied. It’s just lying. So if your parents couldn’t catch you, you’re probably really good at poker. You’re given two cards and a ton of combinations. Try to fib your way into the next round without getting caught, all while raising the money you’re willing to bet either based on your lie/statement.


4. Smart Ass

This is a game for the impatient, the quick thinking…the smart asses. It’s a board game where every question has 10 clues. The first to answer gets to move forward in the game. Reach the end of the trail and you’ll be the winner. I’m sure there’s a little bit of Monica (FRIENDS) in you. Get it out, get obsessed and scream your lungs out.

Smart Ass

3. Word Builder

This is a killer game. It’s a turn based game in which a group of people try to spell out a work in order. The first one starts with a letter. The second one says another letter in an attempt to finish the word. This keeps going on. If a player is unable to make a word, he takes a drink. The player can challenge the previous letter. If the player fibbed, he drinks. If he didn’t, the challenger drinks. Bottom line, you drink!

Word Builder

2. Pegger

Pegger is a very simple game. You can actually play it with any attachable item which won’t hurt your body. A Pegger tries to pin a peg onto some part of a person’s body without them noticing. Then he counts out loud from 10 down. If the peg isn’t found, the peggie has to drink. If it is, the pegger drinks. The fun part of this game is that it can be done while playing something else entirely. Finders, lucky. Losers, drunk.


1. Kings

Kings is a simple game that uses a deck of cards. Each card has an annotation which corresponds to a particular action. And the best part is, every action is related to drinking. The rules are flexible but hard as hell to remember. Check out some demonstration rules online. Create the rules, flip the cards, get drunk, have a ton of fun. This is easily the most fun drinking game and that’s why it’s no. 1 on my list.




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