15 Of The Best Patriotic Hindi Songs You Should Have On Your Hard Drive

3:00 pm 21 Jan, 2014


Indian patriotism has always been best defined its patriotic songs. They inspire us and also successfully remind us of the sacrifices many sons made for their mother land, Bharat. The country’s biggest composers and singers have lent their voices to these songs. Lata Mangeshkar steals our hearts with “Maa Tujhe Salam,” while A.R. Rahman’s version of the same song, brings cheer to our faces.

For those of you who’d like to create your persona playlist of patriotic Hindi songs this Republic Day, here’s few must-have suggestions.

1. Ae mere watan ke logon

Kavi Pradeep’s patriotic number immortalized by Lata Mangeshkar has completed 52 years in 2014. This song was devoted to the warriors of 1962. Late P.M. Jawaharlal Nehru was so affectionate to this song that he ended up tears after hearing it.

2. Vande Matram


Patriotism reached galaxian heights with this song from the movie Anand Matth. This is the most sung and re-tuned one. Its wording is supreme and fabulously sung by nightingale of India. Penned by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, brings out spirit in great words and remains simply unbeatable!

3. Mohe Rang de Basanti yaara

From the movie ’Rang De Basanti’, this song exactly matches the passion inside every youth. Similar to the story of film, this song has the blend of college life and as a professional serving his nation in the sky. This song is by Daler Mehndi And Chitra.

4. Aye watan, aye watan… hum ko teri kasam

This song is the first of Shahid Bhagat Singh biopic to hit the Indian screen in 1965. Rafi did a brilliant job and captured the mind of every Indian. This Song belongs to the fabulous movie named ‘Shaheed’. This one is a classic hit from Bollywood.

5. Hai Preet jahan ki reet sada

Manoj Kumar used this song to deal with the East-west divide, and he happily sings this during his U.S. sojourn. The song also asserts that it was the East that helped the West to achieve its greatness.

6. Aye mere pyare watan

From the movie ‘Kabuliwala’, sung by Late. Manna Dey .This song was written on the eve of Sino-Indian war of 1962. It is one of the most heart-rending songs and brilliantly composed. This film was an adaptation of a short story by Noble prize winner Rabindranath Tagore.

7. Insaf ki dagar pe bachchon dikhao chalke

The school song from movie ’Ganga jamuna’ (1961), represents the optimism of independent India. It also pays tribute to freedom fighters and is an ode to the new generation. It gives out a symbolic message of love and is very inspirational one.

8. Maa tujhe salaam

Indian film composer A. R. Rahman who bagged two Oscars at the same time for    the movie ’Slumdog millionaire’ and is the singer and composer of this beautiful song. It is from the Album ‘Vande Mataram’. The video is also mesmerizing, do watch!

9. Ye Jo Des hai tera

This track is a wonderful composition by A. R. Rahman from the movie ‘Swades’. A NASA scientist, who was on a village trip for some time, discovered real India after meeting a poor farmer. Eventually, he decides to stay back in India to serve his country. This song beautifully passes the message to its audience about our motherland.

10. Aisa Desh Hai Mera

This song was sung by the trio of Lata Mangeshkar, Udit Narayan, Gurdas Mann for the movie ‘Veer Zara’ released in the year 2004.

11. Desh Mere Desh Mere Meri jaan Hai Tu

This song is from the movie ‘The legend of Bhagat Singh’. A. R. Rahman and Sukhwinder are the singers of this awesome track. Ajay Devgn has brilliantly performed in this song along with the other supporting actors.

12. Mera rang de basanti chola

This song from Sonu Nigam is one of the best patriotic songs. It has been featured in the movie ‘The Legend of Bhagat Singh’. The voice of Sonu Nigam lends it immense energy and touches of heart of every listener.

13. Mere desh ki dharti

Great singer Mahendra Kapoor has composed this track, suitably pointing to the Indian farmer. From the movie Upkar (1967), this song clearly reaches to the common folks who are proud to Indians. It gave impetus to popular slogan, ’Jai Jawan, jai Kisaan’.

14. Kar chale hum fida

After Sino-indian war of 1962, a movie named ‘Haqeeqat’ was released. This song correctly relates to the sacrifice of soldiers who fought against the prevailing conditions. Mohammed Rafi is the singer of this mesmerizing track and is a perfect ode for our soldiers who secured our future.

15. Chak de India


This song is from the movie Chak De! Sukhwinder Singh has kept the energy of the song high and the beats of this song inspires thousands for chasing their dreams! This song captured hearts across the country when it was released. A famous quote in this song says, ‘sometimes winning is everything’.

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