14 Traits ‘Cool’ Guys Exhibit Which Actually Make Them Look Like An A$$hole

7:00 am 15 Oct, 2014


How do you define a cool dude? Is it the way he walks, he talks or just how he looks in general? Or is it all of them? To me, it’s what he does that makes him cool. And some guys just know what’s cool. But some just have no idea, and it annoys the shit out of everyone else around them. Here 14 things ‘cool’ guys should avoid doing:

14. Outworldly hairstyles

Having a sense of style is always important to be cool. You don’t need the flashiest hair but running a blade in between, shaving half of one’s head, streaking random portions of the hair…these things should most definitely be avoided.

Outworldly hairstyles

13. Colored lenses


I don’t know what pleasure guys get from wearing colored lenses, but it’s so fake it makes you the opposite of cool. If you’re from India, the general trend is brown. Be proud of it, rather than sporting a completely unnecessary random contact color.

Colored lenses

12. Psychedelic clothes

Everyone wants a Pink Floyd t-shirt. But that doesn’t mean you go around looking like you’re stoned. No one needs to see so many colors on a shirt. It’s a strain on the eyes and no one appreciates it, trust me.

Psychedelic clothes

11. Don’t act gangsta

So many kids and teens today wanna talk black. It sounds cool when they do it, but that’s because it’s THEY who are doing it. No one wants to see a white or brown guy rap, especially when he’s talking. You only end up sounding schizophrenic.

Don’t act gangsta

10. Attitude problems

Cool guys always want to act like they’ve ‘been there, done that, can take anything the world has to throw at them’. That really isn’t cool, especially when it’s displayed in words and action. Don’t push your limits, they’ll only stretch for so long.

 Attitude problems

9. Wearing a cap backward/sideward

Look, it’s meant to protect you from the sun. Some even have the added advantage of making you look cool. So why would you go and ruin a good thing by twisting it to the side or showing the world that your face is looking in the same direction as your ass? Wear it like it’s meant to be worn. 

Wearing a cap backward/sideward

8. Speeding in traffic

Guys just have to speed in traffic, even in the most crowded of lanes. It’s these same guys who wind up in the hospital with a broken head or a dislocated shoulder. When the cops say ‘speed thrills but kills’, they’re not being idiots. Listen to them.

Speeding in traffic

7. ‘Rev’ing in traffic

Another famous thing guys feel they have to do is burn excess amounts of fuel to show that their vehicles can make noise. Unless it’s a Harley or a BMW, no one really cares what your ride sounds like.

‘Rev’ing in traffic

6. Amping the music

To finish off my trilogy of automobile related un-coolness is the pumped up volume in cars. They be jammin to the beat, but they look like clowns in the heat. Recognize!

Amping the music

5. Smoking

Whether its peer pressure related or not, smoking isn’t really a cool thing, no matter how insanely cool they make it look in movies. It’s addictive and gives you sleepless nights, anemia, breathing problems…and let’s not forget the silent killer, cancer. Being cool won’t matter once you’re dead.


4. Talking down to women

Guys these days get their kicks from demeaning women and making them feel like trash. That doesn’t make you cool; it just makes you a jerk.

Talking down to women

3. Getting into fights

Being brave doesn’t mean going in search of trouble, which is precisely why you shouldn’t walk around looking for a nose bleed. You’re not cool if you fight, you’re cool if you can resolve one without violence. Keep a calm head.

Getting into fights

2. Superiority Complex

You may be a smart guy, but that doesn’t mean you have to show it at every instance. Be smart when you have to be. You’ll get noticed for your timing, not your lack of it. Otherwise you’re just that moron who wants to be a know it all.

 Superiority Complex

1. The Bully syndrome

Something that’s not stressed on enough is the way most cool guys try and bully others into doing what they say. Usually it causes a lack of confidence, especially in kids and teens, which could even lead to suicide. You’re never cool by being a bully; you’re just that guy everyone wishes was dead. What goes around comes back around. It’s the yin-yang of life.


The Bully syndrome

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