14 Facts You Never Knew About Euthanasia

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3:00 am 12 Aug, 2014

Euthanasia or good death is a hornets’ nest, which the politicians in most countries don’t like to touch. But, for those who are demanding it, painless and peaceful death should be everybody’s fundamental right. Only when the death is induced by another human being, in most cases a doctor can it be classified as euthanasia.

The moment this topic comes up, it starts dwelling on the dicey edges of morality, fundamentalfreedoms and personal choice. Most of these ideas overlapeach other and lead to bigger confusion.

While writing about it is easy, a person suffering from endless pain, limited mobility and continuous suffering can understand his situation best. I am not going to pass a verdict yet, I’ll leave it up to you to decide. I am offering you argument for and against the motion. Do tell me what you think!

Let’s start with why the demand is terribly wrong.

1. Patients Change Their Mind

When families get support, medical care and support, the patient’smostly change their mind. It has been seen that after the exhausted family was supported, the patientusually changed their mind at the end. Locking for meaning in what is left make more sense than ashortcut.

 Facts You Never Knew About Euthanasia

2. Doctors Feel Cheated

A proposal of Euthanasia is a total disrespect to the medical profession and science. With people booking houses on the Mars, in this millennial age, doctors have a solution forpractically any medical condition. When the end has already been accepted, any new treatment will only bring relief.

 Facts You Never Knew About Euthanasia

3. The Helpless Will Be Laid Quite

Doctors and hospitals fear that families and close relatives might put pressure on management to kill people they were tired of looking after or for other personal gain. Freedom of the patient might get infringed by people near him.

 Facts You Never Knew About Euthanasia

4. The Criterion For Approval Might Get Blurred

Once Euthanasia is legalized in a country, doctors might be flooded with requests from people who are disabled, have chronic illnesses and also those suffering from psychological illnesses. Children born with severe deformities might not get a chance to survive.

 Facts You Never Knew About Euthanasia

5. Put Added Pressure on the Already Terminally Ill

Once the window is opened, apatient might want to jump out and relieve his family of the distress and pain. It adds a psychological burden on the patient driven by guilt.

 Facts You Never Knew About Euthanasia

6. An Illness Is Not a Criterion for Treating Someone as Valueless

If your cat or dog is terminally ill,you ask the vet to put it down. Does an aging mother or a sick sister deserve the same treatment? After all, the development we have achieved, value for human life is the least we can expect from each one of us.

 Facts You Never Knew About Euthanasia

7. Right To Die Is The Same As Right To Kill

It can be easily called as assisted suicide, as it all comes down to the doctor in the end. The doctor patient relationship will suffer and he will be seen as an arbitrator and not a savior. People might lose faith in the profession.

 Facts You Never Knew About Euthanasia

8. It Will Promote Suicide

Suicide is demonstrations of the failure of the society as a whole to nourish and cherish a life. When a person attempts suicide, the first reaction is to save the person. In Euthanasia we are trying to change the first response altogether.

 Facts You Never Knew About Euthanasia

9. The Fight Is Over Two Thousand Years Old

Since the age of Hippocrates, this debate has been on with generation and generationsof doctors, who are refusing to give in and accept failure.

 Facts You Never Knew About Euthanasia

And arguments in favor are –

1. It’s a dead end

Most patients, who request for Euthanasia are tired of waiting for a miracle and have given up hope. So why prolong their torture and make every minute living hell, when they see no light at the end of the tunnel.

 Facts You Never Knew About Euthanasia

2. The Public Supports

All over the world there have been crusaders for the notion, trying to sell their theory of painless death and assisted suicide. And despite the gory details and statistics dished out by governments, the support has only grown over the years.

 Facts You Never Knew About Euthanasia

3. It Saves a Lot of Money

Those of you who know people in terminallyill situations, will agree that end of life care treatments are every expensive. Theycan eat into the savings of a household and put tremendous pressure on the finances. The money would be worth it, if the objective was met, but if it made the rest of family downtrodden will it beworth it?

 Facts You Never Knew About Euthanasia

4. It Glorifies Death and Makes It an Event

How many of can choose our death, time and location?  The clothes you want to wear on the last day or who you wantaround. Euthanasia makes the waiting worthwhile and gives the individual an opportunity to live the pending days to the fullest.

 Facts You Never Knew About Euthanasia

5. Present Laws Dish Out Living Hell

There are many cases all over the world, where the innocent patients have been pleading the courts to let them go. But the courts have denied them this privilege on irrelevant counts that have made their life living hell. They just want to punish them for something they never did.

 Facts You Never Knew About Euthanasia

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