14 ‘Being Introvert’ Illustrations Will Convince Unsocial People That They’re Normal

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5:00 pm 27 Nov, 2015


Have you been regretting being an introvert all your life? Do people make you feel sick in the stomach?

Sipping some red wine on a cold, lonely night seems a far better option than forced conversations at a random party?

If you thought something was really wrong with you, then trust me it’s not. We all have got your back. There are all-time extroverts, introverts and ambiverts. And then there is an introvert in all of us.


Let these illustrations by introvertdoodles empathize with you!


1. Because it’s when we are quiet that we imagine, dream and create. Ideas ideas ideas! 

Introvert Create Worlds

2. Sincere words to spot on a good book

Always Judge Book Covers

3. Honesty at its best.

Dating App


4. All the f**king time.

Blind Date

5. This. Is. Me. Forever.

Let's Stay In. Forever

6. Introductions be like…awkward

Hi, I'm...

7. Don’t you tell me how quiet I am. THIS IS WHY.

Because This

8. Some are hidden gems

Attention On The Art

9. My humble request, understand the difference between ‘alone’ and ‘lonely’

Often Alone Rarely Lonely

10. Books are beyond fiction, okay?

Fictional Friends

11. All the time !

When You Want To Say Yes

12. Perks

Introvert Perk

13. Feel-good reminders

Redefine Yourself

14. Pass it on to friends


Direct Quotes From Fellow Introverts

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