13 Problems People Wearing Specs Face Every Day

3:00 pm 9 Jun, 2014

Specs are so much en vogue, aren’t they? And, with so many different types of frames in vivid colors from so many distinguished international brands, the optical business was never more flourished. If we look back, then this trend of wearing glasses was brought in by Sania Mirza—who can forget her geeky look with those huge black framed glasses—and since then it has been carried off by (almost) all the celebrities from Deepika and Sonakshi to Amitabh and Shahrukh.

However, do you think all these have made life easier for all those normal and simple “chashmish” girls out there? We don’t think so. Let’s look at some of the problems that bespectacled person have to go through daily—

13. You’re Blind Without Them

To find out where you’ve kept them before taking the nap, or while talking over the phone can provide you with a real taste of blindness! Yes, keeping them at a safe place might come from the elders, but is that always possible?

Problems People Wearing Specs Face

12. Specs Fog Up Unexpectedly

One of the major problems that arises when you’re out of that AC car or showroom, and you turn virtually blind—well, almost. Your specs simply fog up, and you have nothing to do except getting irritated. We know it’s terrible, but all we can say is—stay calm, and keep a lens cleaner handy.

Problems People Wearing Specs Face

11. When Shopping, Take Them Off, Put Them On, Keep Repeating

For us (the bespectacled people), shopping is half as much fun as it is for the others. With the time we spend in the changing room trying on one dress, “normal” people can try on as many as two to three dresses. And, we are not kidding. So, best is just to take them off and hand over to someone who’s accompanying you; and, if you’re alone shopping, then nothing doing!

Problems People Wearing Specs Face

10. Specs Do Make Us Look Old Or Least Very Serious

One of the biggest problems that we’ve got is that most of us take for granted that specs make us look way older than we actually are. Well, yes, most of this is a psychological thing, but we can’t help much, can we?

Problems People Wearing Specs Face

9. You’re A Nerd For Most Of Your Friends

Often you hear from your friends, or your not-so-friendly friends that you’re a geek and a nerd. Well, you might be a good student but being called “nerd” is indeed an insult, isn’t it? It’s something only people with specs can understand.

Problems People Wearing Specs Face

8. Sadly, Aviators and Sunglasses Aren’t Meant For You

One thing we all must agree, that sunglasses and glares are much more “in” than spectacles. But alas! Those mirrored aviators, wayfarers and oversized glares are so not for you. All that you can afford to be in is your good ol’ glasses.

Problems People Wearing Specs Face

7. We Aren’t Deepika and Not Everything Will Suit Us

Like any other person, you too prepare a lot for those prom nights and dates. But imagine the pain we all have to go through when after everything, we put on that specs and end up looking absolutely different from what we have been till then! Well, we ain’t any Deepika Padukone that we’ll look drop-dead gorgeous in anything and everything!

Problems People Wearing Specs Face

6. We’re Tagged As Chashmish

We all have gone through that moment when your crush comes up to you and calls you a chashmish! We can neither smile at them nor can we beat the shit out of them. Sigh.

Problems People Wearing Specs Face

5. 3D Movies Are Not For Us

You got to say a NO to 3D films every time—even when your crush or boy friend asks you out on a 3D movie-date.

Problems People Wearing Specs Face

4. People Like Us Without The Specs

Imagine when someone tells you that you really look much better without your glasses—you can neither take it off nor keep them wearing. Well, the situation when you take out your glasses for the “click”, and someone goes like, “whoa! You look so different without them”, and you genuinely don’t know how to react. Sigh.

Problems People Wearing Specs Face

3. You Wish Your Specs Had A Wiper On It

Walking in the rain holding your lover’s hand is oh so romantic, ain’t it? But, with those specs on, you really have to think twice, and even thrice, before agreeing to it! You are always in a dubious mood with those specs on—but you cannot let it go too!

Problems People Wearing Specs Face

2. We’ve To Skip Our Favorite Water Sports

Swimming or indulging in water sports or any adventurous sports for that matter becomes quite an undoable task to us, no matter how much enthusiastic we’re about it, and how much we enjoy it! Not even a pair of contact lenses can save you.

Problems People Wearing Specs Face

1. Makeup Always Gets Hidden Under The Specs

What? You just spent 2 hours perfecting that smoky eyed look or that winged eyeliner? Who cares? Who do you think are going to notice them?

Problems People Wearing Specs Face

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