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13 Most Dangerous Martial Arts To Defend Yourself

Updated on 13 October, 2014 at 5:07 pm By

Feel like you’re going to get your ass kicked because you did something stupid? Fear not! There’s always a way to defend yourself. No I’m not talking about knives and guns. Martial Arts! That’s the way to go. But wait, there are just so many. How’re you going to choose? Let’s count down the list of 13 most lethal Martial Arts which you can use:

13. Bokator


There’s nothing more dangerous than martial arts groomed in battle. Bokatar is a martial arts form which was used in wars and battlefields. Using a series of complicated movements and weapons alike, Bokator can be used to wound, cripple or even kill your opponent. Not a bad start to the list, eh?


12. Jeet Kun Do

How many of you would honestly turn down something crafted by the legendary Bruce Lee himself? Bruce created Jeet Kun Do after his disappointment in modern day martial arts, which just seemed more aesthetically appealing than deadly. There are no flowery movements here, just brute force.

Jeet Kun Do

11. Shippalgi

Martial arts is good, but planned martial arts is deadly. Shippalgi is a Korean martial art form which uses weapons in one of three stances; thrust, strike and slice. A combination of these could leave you gasping for air in a matter of seconds. It’s preferred for practical use.


10. Keysi Fighting Method


Wanna know why you should learn Keysi? Because you’re Batman! Yes, it true. Developed by Justo Deigues Serrano after roughing it out in the streets of Spain, it gained popularity after being portrayed in the Batman movies. Feeling single, rich and philanthropic?

Keysi Fighting Method

9. Sambo

Here’s UFC meets WWE. Sambo is a combination of grappling and wrestling which can bring even the biggest of foes to his knees. Developed originally to improve the Soviet Union’s forces hand to hand combat ability, Sambo gained prominence after a spike in crime rate all over Russia. Now, even their cops are trained in the art of Sambo.  Feel like robbing a bank in Russia now?


8. Bojuka

Every mainstream action thriller has at least one instance where the hero is outnumbered by his foes. And he always wins, maybe because he’s trained in the art of Bojuka. It’s an art form which concentrates on gaining the upper hand when outnumbered by one’s foes. Unlike the other art types, it moderates the force used in its strikes. Thank god. Who wants to go from ‘defending yourself’ to ‘serial killer’ all in one fight?


7. Nindokai

Sheer force seems to be a hot topic in martial arts. Nindokai was developed by Dr. Gerhard Shonberger in Germany during the early 90’s. It’s based on Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kun Do and does away with all the showmanship to create an art made to solely to inflict damage.


6. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Size doesn’t matter, especially in martial arts. But this one specializes on giving the smaller guy more power. BJJ gained popularity after Royce Garcia won the first, second and fourth UFC titles. It works around ground fighting, giving David superman’s powers for a day against Goliath.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

5. Muy Thai

Possibly one of the most lethal martial arts form on this list, Muy Thai is a martial art which focuses on knee and elbow strikes. And if you’re someone who’s ever been kneed, especially in the unmentionables, you’ll know to stay down for your own good. It originates from the rough n’ tough streets of Thailand.

Muy Thai

4. Boxing

Boxing, or Pugilism, became one of the most deadly sports. It centers on attacked the head in what can sometimes lead to unconsciousness or death. It was so notorious in fact that it was legally banned from several countries during the 19th century.


3. Ninjutsu

Wow, and here I thought this only appeared in Naruto. Ninjutsu is an ancient Japanese art form which emphasizes on the use of weapons, stealth and assassinations. It’s so deadly, in fact, that its practitioners or ‘hinins’ are thought to be in-human.


2. Rough and Tumble                

I just love how it sounds, Rough and Tumble. It’s a ‘no rules’ martial art form in which the objective is to do maximum damage to your opponent. And it’s not any specific type of style. It can be as mild as a whack to the rib or as intense as gorging out the eyes of your opponent. You might want to wash your hands after that, just saying.

Rough and Tumble

1. Krav Maga

Think your life is in danger? Then here you go. Krav Maga, used by the Israeli Defense Force, assumes the foe is out to kill you and uses a series of counter measures to disarm and disfigure them. Its primary objective is to inflict the maximum damage possible in the least amount of time, which sometimes inevitably leads to the death of one’s adversaries and that’s why it’s No.1 on my list.


Krav Maga


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