13 Classic Photos Of Che Guevara That Remind Some Old Days Were Actually Good

8:00 pm 27 Feb, 2014


Undoubtedly the coolest guy in pop culture lexicon, Che Guevara is everywhere; from dormrooms to plethora of social networking profile pics. Guerrillero Heroico, the most common image by which masses recognize Che, isn’t sufficient to characterize his appearance; thus we landed here. If you’ve even a bit of interest in Che Guevara, you might love these photos of his golden old days. From Ernesto to Che, some of the memorable instances are:

 1. When Che Used To Be Ernesto

Che Guevara Childhood

2. Che Guevara With Family

Che Guevara Family

3. At Home In Buenos Aires

Che Guevara on Balcony

4. Kick Starting La Poderosa

Che Guevara with Bike

5. Setting Out On A Trip

Che Guevara on Bike

6. With Wife, Aleida March

Aleida March and Che Guevara

7. Che Relaxing

Che Guevara Relaxing

8. Watching Fidel Castro’s Move

Che and Castro

9. Gifting A box Of Cuban Cigar To Jawaharlal Nehru

Che Guevara with Jawaharlal Nehru

10. Playing With Children In Shanghai

Che Guevara in a conga line in a kindergarten in Shanghai

11. Fidel Castro Holding Che’s Daughter

Fidel Castro with Che Guevara

12. In North Korea

Che Guevara North Korea

13. Some Guitar Lessons With John Lennon

Che Guevara Lennon

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