12 Shopping Destinations In Kolkata That Have A Special Local Touch

Updated on 12 Jul, 2014 at 5:10 pm


Alright, we agree that Kolkata stands nowhere in comparison to Delhi as far as shopping destinations are concerned, but Kolkata does have a few places where you’d love to shop and shop till you drop—and all these at a great bargain! Since Kolkata is still steeped in culture and takes pride in its cultural heritage, you’d most find ethnic clothes stocked up in these markets though there are a few markets where you will also find great unbranded (for branded, you’ve the malls and stand-alone stores) western stuff. So, let’s check out some brilliant shopping paradise in Kolkata for the shopaholics—

12. A.C. Market

Located at Theatre Road (now, Shakespeare Sarani), A.C. Market was Kolkata’s first air conditioned “mall” before the others stepped into competition. With 2-3 floors catering to the needs of the ethnic as well as the western choices of the customers, A.C. Market still enjoys the footfalls of much more “shoppers” than the modernized malls.


11. New B.K. Market


If you want inexpensive en vogue fashion wears and accessories, let this market feature in your list. Situated barely 500 meters ahead of A.C. Market, B.K Market provides a supply these fashionable accessories from the streets of Bangkok—and hence, the cheap rates!


10. Metro Plaza

Think shoes, think Metro Plaza. Situated at Ho Chi Minh Sarani, this 3 storeyed building has uncountable shops which sell both ethnic and western hi-fashion products and accessories. But, the best thing about it is the innumerable shoe-stalls that crowd the whole of the top floor! A must visit place it is, indeed!


9. Emami Market

This is yet another feather to the erstwhile Theatre Road. In Emami Market, you’ll find fashion accessories and wears of all kinds. Look out for the great shoes that you can bag at great bargains. The best thing about this place is that it keeps clothes which are fashionable and comfortable as well!


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8. Simpark Mall

The newest shopping destination to crop up at the good ol’ Lindsey Street, Simpark Mall specializes in, among other stuff, bags and shoes—the best pals of a girl! Yes, these are generally duplicate items, but how does it matter when you have a great Lady Dior or Chanel ditto-lookalike adorning your arms only at 650 bucks!


7. Treasure Island

If you want to buy ethnic and extremely fashionable dresses and saris, let this be your place. If you want to look chic but grand at your peer’s wedding within a tight budget, let this be your place. You’ll be mesmerized!


6. Shreeram Arcade

This is one of the first a wholesome mall where you’ll get every damn fashion product that you can think of. From stylish inners and fish-net stockings to exquisite lehengas and shararas, you’ll get everything that crops up in your mind!


5. Dakshinapan Market

Think ethnic, think Dakshinapan Market—a Government shopping complex which houses state emporiums of all states. Besides the very reliable and inexpensive quality material and pure silk items, do check out for the curios and chunky jewelries too—you’ll want to come back again for more!

PS. Miss out on this shopping complex at your own risk.


4. Hathi Bagan Market

It’s a flea market located in North Kolkata—it’s been there since times immemorial, and still hustles and bustles with crowd every single day. It’s a place where you can get regular wear clothes and fashionable accessories at great bargains. You can get an alloy statement neckpiece at as low a price as 75 bucks!


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3. Gariahat Market

After New Market, this has to be the biggest shopping destination of Kolkata where from branded clothes to flea stores, you’ll find everything. However, if you want to shop for handloom sarees and Bengali cotton sarees as well as traditional quality silk sarees, let this be your place. We cannot recommend any other place to you than this.


2. Sudder Street & Free School Street

Kolkata has seen and been a part of the hippie culture—and an exemplification of this can be seen at the stores of this area. From bohemian outfits to chunky, hippie jewelries, this place stocks on everything that every carefree soul would love! Besides, the curios here are to die for—a must visit place if you’re a lover of art!


1. New Market

What else can be said of the good ol’ New Market? From chappals and handkerchief to needles, sari-borders and haute couture lingerie, you name it and you’ll get it here! Even the foreigners who visit Kolkata, never misses out on this heritage site—a must visit place even if you dread shopping!



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