12 Freakish Mars Illusions And Their Truth

Humans have always been allured with the “Red Planet” Mars. With passing time numerous pictures have appeared that have made us ponder over the illusions and hoaxes that the planet has served upon us. 

Volcanic Elephant – An ancient lava flow Elysium Planitia appears like a face of an elephant.

Alien Artifacts – Angular rock shapes at Victoria Crater appearing like a Martian sculpture of a particular kind of Pharaoh (Exhibit A) and spaceship component half covered in sand (Exhibit B).

The Morchid – During the operations at “Yellowknife Bay” inside Gale Crater the Curiosity rover found something strange embedded in a rock appearing like petals of a flower. It was later said that it was probably a concentration of light colored minerals.

Rolling Stones Logo – In a picture an odd crater appears to be sticking its tongue out but in reality it was some kind of material flowing down a slope from a old impact crater.

Smiling Crater – The image of Galle Crater appear like a smiling face but in reality the 230 kilometer wide face is formed by mountains and other raised features.

The tree lined hills – The beautiful landscape that appeared in the pictures is in fact an optical illusion. The trees are actually a dark material flowing down the sand dunes a few hundred miles south of the planets north pole. The slides appear as a result of melting and sublimation of carbon dioxide frost when the northern hemisphere entered summer.

Dead parrot – It was earlier believed that martians created this huge mound that appeared like a dead parrot in order to send messages into the space. Later it was realized that this was a pure hoax as it was nothing but a result of the human condition of pareidolia.

Gandhi face – Martian surface texture appears like a face similar to Mahatma Gandhi.

Mars rat – Well indeed it appears like that but in reality it is nothing but a piece of rock with a strange resemblance to a rat.

Bunny rabbit – This image was taken by NASA’s rover Opportunity. The little thing indeed looks like a small bunny but it is most probably a piece of Vectran cloth from Opportunity’s lander.

Bigfoot or littlefoot? – The mars bigfoot is neither a humanoid nor an alien but in reality it is just a piece of rock! And it isn’t even much of a bigfoot as it is only about 6 centimeter tall.

The face of mars – This photo initiated numerous theories about intelligent life on Mars and even inspired many sci-fi novels and movies. This is the most captivating proof of the existence of Martians but again. in reality, it is just an illusion.

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