11 Romantic Actors Of Bollywood You Can’t Resist Adoring Day And Night

2:00 am 31 Mar, 2014


What? You love watching films, but the lack of romantic element in famous Bollywood flicks keep you from watching them? Yes, we know that the emergence of the “angry young man” stereotype in the 1970s had grasped the Hindi film fraternity with so much strength that in spite of having a greater past and an even great contemporary and future, the Hindi film lovers swears by those “dhishoom-dhishoom” flicks. But, no more worrying now for we’ve brought to you a list of romantic actors of Bollywood who made in BIG in the film industry by either their chocolate-boy attitude or by their romantic charm and aura. One look at this listicle will make you think twice on your premonition. So, what are you waiting for—just go ahead and have a grab—

11. Farooq Sheikh

That the common men too could fall in love and be the protagonists of Hindi films was exemplified in the so-called “middle of the road” films in which Farooq Sheikh had a great role to play. No ostentatious attitude, no drama and no masala, his films depicted mostly the plight of common men in love.


10. Rajendra Kumar


The first “star” of Bollywood kept himself aloof from the dhishoom-dhishoom flicks and kept to romantic drama with a simple but “masala” plot and of course, great music! “Gulabi aankhen jo dekhi teri…”—well, does it ring any bell?


9. Aamir Khan

He forayed into Bollywood as a chocolate-hero in Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak and had sustained likewise in several films to follow—from Love, Love, Love to Ishq. Now, no matter how much of an social activist he becomes, tearing off the garb of a chocolate-hero is just impossible!


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8. Rishi Kapoor

Tumne Kabhi Kisise Pyaar Kiya….Maine Bhi Kiya—this song tells a lot about this charming persona’s fame and attitude. Although with the kind of films he did in his young-age, fighting out in the last scene was inevitable, still, if there’s any “first” chocolate-boy hero of Bollywood, then it’s indeed him!


7. Shah Rukh Khan

No, we are not going to speak anything about Shah Rukh. We better let his filmography, from Deewana and DDLJ to Dil to Pagal Hai and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, do the talk!


6. Shashi Kapoor

Yes, any Bachchan fighter-film would be incomplete without this master actor, but did we much see him fighting it out? His charming looks and killing smile was enough to sway hundred girls onto floor—need we say anything more? If yes, then please watch his early Merchant-Ivory films and Abhinetri!


5. Shammi Kapoor

He’s been our darling superstar since he came into Bollywood! Unlike the actors and actresses of today, weight was never an issue with the Elvis Presley of India; after all, there have seldom been any leading lady who wasn’t romanced onscreen by him, albeit in his own style!


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4. Kishore Kumar

If you haven’t seen any film acted by him, then you haven’t seen anything of Bollywood at all. His peculiar and crazy way of dealing with the love-issues and romancing the heroines were leagues apart from other actors in the history of Bollywood!


3. Amol Palekar

If you term Gol Maal, Rajnigandha, Chitchor and Chhoti Si Baat as comedy, then think twice. They are all love stories, my friend—exceptional love stories of common men, and who else could’ve done justice to those, except for the no-nonsense, brilliant actor, Amol Palekar?


2. Dev Anand

If we have to pick out the best romantic “hero” ever, it’s got to be the evergreen actor, Dev Anand! And, what aided most to this persona, apart from the great stories—the songs, of course! From “Acchaji main haari..”, and “Dil ka bhanwar” to “Yeh dil na hota bechara” and “Ek ghar banaunga..”, there seems to be no better exemplification of onscreen romance ever!


1. Rajesh Khanna

The biggest “Star” of Bollywood and the first person with whom the contemporary women were even ready to have one-night stands (blasphemous in those days!), Rajesh Khanna is undoubtedly the most romantic actor ever in the history of Bollywood by popular choice. From Aradhana and Kati Patang to Mehbooba to Dard, all his films never failed to display the romantic aura of this master!



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