Meet 100-Year-Old Man Kaur Who Won India Many Medals At The Vancouver Masters Games

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9:48 pm 31 Aug, 2016

India’s Man Kaur recently became an inspiration for many as she competed at the Master Games, a unique international event for athletes who are over 30.

What sets Kaur apart from rest of the athletes is the fact that she is 100-years-old and her energy and drive to compete has become an inspiration to others.


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100 Year old Man Kaur

Her son Gurudev, who himself is 78 years old and a participant at the event, says that she competes so she can go back to India and tell others how she won so many medals from the country.

He then adds that the simple feat of “Winning” makes her happy.


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Kaur, who took part in the sprint events on August 29, completed the 100 meters race  in one minute and 21 seconds. After finishing the race she stood smiling with her hands raised in the air.

Though she had lagged behind other runners who were in their 70s and 80s, she still picked up a gold medal as she was the only female competitor in her age category.

This Gold medal was her third top prize this week as she also won Gold in the javelin and shot put events as well.


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According to Gurudev, he started to encourage his mother to compete at these events when she was 93 years old.

He said he knew she could become a star as she was fit and free of any ailments.

Since then she has won more than 20 medals in the Masters Games across the globe while competing in all the athletic events.


He says that she practices in Chandigarh where she lives and goes out every evening to run short distances.

Like the Olympics, the World Masters Games take place every four years with regional games taking place in between. The average age of the athletes at these events is 49.


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