10 Will Smith Movies We All Should See

2:00 pm 29 Jun, 2014


The one Hollywood actor whose garnered much love and respect from the global audience for the longest time is Will Smith. He’s one of the most versatile actors, who’s great at comedy and greatest when it comes to an emotion packed performance that leaves the hardest hearts with teary eyes. Listing his best movies is no difficult task for Will Smith fans. Let’s see if your favorites match with our list of the top 10 Will Smith Movies:

10. Hitch – 2005

From a brilliant concept to a star-studded cast, this romantic comedy had everything that a Hollywood blockbuster needs. Will Smith played the title role in Hitch. He was the Mr. enigmatic and a goofy dating coach, who helped his male clients date their dream girls. The story mostly revolves around Will and Kevin James, his client, but then comes the dream girl Smith falls in love with. To find out what happens next, watch the movie yourself.

9. Bad Boy -1995


This was probably Smith’s first action movie in Hollywood and had everything entertaining about it. Although the story line wasn’t very different from many other Hollywood action stories, it was the brilliant chemistry between Will and Martin Lawrence that made the movie a global hit. The movie was huge success and was followed by a sequel Bad Boys II in 2003.

8. I, Robot – 2005

After his several dramatic performances till 2004, Will had already established himself as versatile actor. When the storyline for I, Robot was being plotted, Alex Proyas had Will Smith as the perfect lead artist for the movie. When the movie made it to the silver screens across the global, audiences were mesmerized with Smith’s brilliance on how he seamlessly combined action with emotions.

7. Men In Black – 1997

Coupled with Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith made a brilliant appearance as a special agent saving the earth from alien attacks. The story for the movie was followed from a famous comic series, but eventually was a greater success than the former. Following this hit, two sequels of the movie were released in 2002 and 2012.

6. Independence Day -1996

When aliens get the better of humans with their advanced technology, will to survive comes as the only scope left. Will smith plays the role of a Jet plane officer in the ‘Independence Day,’ who will team up with other citizens to save their homeland.

5. Enemy Of The State  -1998

The movie was virtually a sequel to1974’s The Conversation, where Gene Hackman played the role a paranoid master of intelligence. However, in this part Smith plays the role to sincere family guy who inadvertently gets his hands on a sensitive video tape and is now targeted by the NSA. The movie portrayed the better of Smith’s emotional side that made the thrilling storyline more captivating.          

4. Six Degree Of Separation – 1993

This was Smiths earliest works, were the young artist was projected as a comic action hero, who had a bag full of clever remarks for every situation. However, because the movie was action based, Smith’s acting skills didn’t receive the deserved attention.

3. I Am Legend – 2007

The storyline of this movie was adapted fromRichard Matheson’s classic horror novel and Will Smith played the lead role as the sole survivor in a world swamped by the vampires. Complementing the enduring storyline, Will Smith again demonstrated his brilliance performance and was appreciated by critics worldwide.

2. Ali – 2001

It was never easy for Will Smith to fill the boots of Legendry heavyweight boxer Mohammad Ali. But, Will took the role as a challenge and also took the critics by surprise. Will showed his uncharacteristically serious and intense performance, that the movie became almost so real.

1. The Pursuit Of Happyness  – 2006

This storyline wasn’t like an expected platform from Smith’s movies. Inspired from the real story ofChris Gardner, the movie portrays Smith in the lead role of a homeless father who is pursuing his internship and at the same time also looking after his young son. With this movie, Smith showed probably the most dramatic appearances ever and that was what Chris Gardner had to say when he saw his life rendered on the silver screen.                 


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