10 Ways To Impress Your Love This Valentine’s Day

Updated on 27 Jun, 2018 at 2:52 pm


Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. But hey are you still waiting for that one right moment to go and express your feelings for her? Well then get ready to celebrate a grand Valentine’s Day this year. Though the thought of impressing and getting her head over heels for you is quite daunting, but it’s certainly not impossible!

Indian girls are quite different with the whole idea of proposals and marriage. They are strongly rooted to their culture and tradition and you should prepare in advance to invest some extra effort in order to impress them. The sole trick is to become the centre of their attention, but without actually letting them know!

Read along and gain an insight into the art of impressing your love this Valentine’s Day!

10. Be Confident – Nothing Attracts Women More Than Self- Confidence

It is a universal fact that the girls are naturally attracted to men who are more confident. This does not mean that you have to be boastful, but you need to be comfortable in your skin and certainly sure of your capabilities.

Self- Confidence

9. Impress Her Friends, but Start this Days Before the Valentine’s Day

Impressing her friends will have an indirect, but definitely an amplified effect on her. This will trigger an indirect chain reaction that will eventually cause your dream girl to automatically be impressed with you.

chain reaction

8. Set Yourself Apart by Showering Her with Genuine Concern

You can’t really expect to impress a girl if you don’t set yourself apart from the rest of her friends. You are not required to go overboard, but you need to make her feel that you genuinely care for her and make her realize that you are always there for her.

Showering Her with Genuine Concern

7. Be Chivalrous, Indian Women Still Prefer Manners over Anything Else

Indian women have high regards for men who give them complete respect. Simple and trivial things like pulling out a chair for her, opening doors and paying out the bills can certainly create your special place in her heart.

 Manners over Anything Else

6. Cultivate a Talent and Show Her Your Fun Side


Girls are sure to be impressed with men of creative ability. Your talent can easily help you stand apart from the rest of her friends. But make sure you are actually good with your talent.  One of the most conventional talents of men that appeal women includes playing of guitar or any other musical instrument. So get started with your practice right away!

Show Her Your Fun Side

5. Show Off Your Intellect and Let it Be Serious

Indian girls generally have a predilection for such men who are rich in their intellect. This especially stands true from the perspective of feasibility of a long term relationship. But make sure in your attempt of showing off intellect, you do not appear mundane or nerdy.

Show Off Your Intellect

4. Never Come Off As Desperate

This is by far one of the worst things you can do while trying to impress the girl of your dreams – never come out as someone desperate to people pleaser! Make sure you are subtle; otherwise all your efforts will certainly go in vain.

Make sure you are subtle

3. Work a Little on Your Appearance and pull Your Bouncing Belly In

Your overall appearance is one major prerequisite for impressing any girl. So if you are not too sure about your fashion sense, consult a friend who is good at it. Also make note that dressing up nicely won’t do the trick unless you groom yourself completely, such that you are counted amongst the most cultured and suave men.

pull Your Bouncing Belly

2. Listen to Her and Show Her How Much You Care

Women definitely like men who can sit patiently and listen to them. Being a good listener is one of the qualities that most women look out for in their potential partners. Taking genuine interest in her talks will actually convey your respect and care for her.

Show Her How Much You Care

1. Compliment Her, Pamper Her,  And Make Her Feel Really Special

Genuine compliments are always appreciated by girls. But if you wish to steal her heart, compliment her on her little qualities, such that she realizes that she is in your radar. Go beyond the age old compliments about beauty and looks, and appreciate small things she does for you. Pamper her and make her feel special for all that she does.

 Compliment Her