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The 10 Most Uncontrollably Beautiful Football Jerseys

Updated on 16 September, 2014 at 1:08 pm By

If you’re playing the game, you play it for the Nation. If you’re watching it however, you watch it for the skill, the dedication and the jerseys. That’s right, jerseys play a huge role in fashion and sales. The more impressive the jersey looks, the more likely it is to sell. And not many teams get to show off cool jerseys because they don’t have stylish designers. Here’s a list of the 10 fashionable football jerseys in the FIFA World Cup so far:

10. Cameroon


Cameroon’s jerseys are embroidered in lion crests through and through (which suits their snazzy nickname The Indomitable Lions). Their away jersey is dark shade of green while their home jersey in bathed in gold. Puma’s had the honor of designing their jerseys and they did a pretty decent job of it too.


9. Belgium

Belgium’s royal jerseys (it’s designed with a huge crown) are absolutely stunning, especially how all their jerseys look really good. Their red home, yellow away and black alternative jerseys are rich and dark, which to me looks quite unique. It’s no wonder they’ve gotten off to a good start.


8. England

England’s white home kit and red away kit has always been a classic standard in Football, and Nike’s always been the gold standard for England’s jerseys. They’re not too adventurous but you cannot deny the classic look of one of the best teams in the world. The golden keeper outfit isn’t too shabby either and without much to scan, it keeps the design simple and easy on the eyes.


7. France


Another classic and another Nike. France’s home kit is the standard deep blue and their away kit is white, quite similar to England’s kit. But unlike England’s simple outfit, theirs is striped horizontally, which doesn’t look too bad considering it’s in a deep shade of blue and almost invisible on the white. In a war of the simple Nike’s, France just nudged England out to take the seventh spot.


6. Mexico

Mexico’s jerseys are unique for two reasons. One, they’re the first Adidas designed jerseys on this list, and two it sports the Federación Mexicana de Fútbol Asociación’s crest right in the center. The green home kit reflects the colour that’s always represented Mexico while the vampire red look rather dashing (it seems to be working in Rio).


5. Netherlands

Netherlands spirit is sky high and they can wear their jerseys proudly. Another Nike exclusive, Nike’s orange home dress looks as bright and vibrant and energetic as they were during their 5-1 thumping of Spain. Their semi dark blue away kit looks pretty kickass too but the most appealing thing about their jerseys is the lion crest below the left shoulder.


4. Germany

Germany’s jersey underwent a revamp and their away kit looks amazing now! The white kit with light shades of red stripes keeps the home style humble and simple. The away kit now looks like a killing machine. It’s a deep black with dark red stripes running horizontally through it, which matches their attacking personality. Not too bad, considering the excellent start they’re off to.


3. Italy

Talk about striking opposites. Italy’s blue shirt and white shorts home kit palindromes their white shirt and blue shorts, which looks spectacular side by side but is very confusing (well not really but you get the point). The Italian blue is a lighter shade of blue than we’re used to seeing but it still looks great, especially on Mario Balotelli who’s the brand ambassador of Italy’s home and away kit. Credits to Puma for this one.


2. Portugal

If I had to choose between Portugal and Spain, I’d choose Portugal. It just looks more deadly while Spain’s jersey looks grander. Portugal’s all red home jersey isn’t easy on the eyes but it looks excellent on the pitch. Their home kit is a perfect mismatch to the home kit, sporting a white shirt and blue shorts, which is also contrary to their playing style. It’s nice to see how the contrasts exist both on and off the pitch, isn’t it? (I’m talking about their recent performances versus their teamsheet.)


1. Brazil

Brazil may or may not win the World Cup but they’ve won the hearts of millions with their jerseys. Just check out how many people in Kerala wear the Brazil jersey. It’s amazing! And this year, it looks absolutely brilliant. The light blue shirt is fabricated with alternate dark horizontal stripes while their standard yellow jersey looks as devastating as ever. And their night green alternate jersey looks almost like Belgium’s (though I prefer Belgiums’s jersey slightly more). Irrespective, they’ve come home to the grandest stage of them all and there’s no better way to arrive than in style.



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