10 Type Of Guys That Turn Girls Off

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1:00 pm 18 Jan, 2015


1. Sexual tension, what?

This type of guy wants to pick a fight with a girl right off the bat. He’s watched too many movies where the couple hates each other before falling in love; so have girls of course, but that doesn’t mean they like rude and argumentative guys. There’s sexual tension and then there’s just plain annoying.

“Move aside moron, you’re blocking the view.”

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2. Um…er…hmm


Shy guys can be really cute, especially when they approach you nervously and stutter/stammer their way through. Awwdorable! But there’s the type of guy who just cannot manage to approach a girl. For months he’ll stare from a distance, his friends make tongue-in-cheek remarks when she’s near and literally everyone knows he likes her. But when the girl realizes that she has bigger balls than him, his chance is over.

“Too bad, you did have a shot.”

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3. Friend not in deed

This type of guy declares that he only wants to be the girl’s friend, but secretly he’s hoping to worm in his way into her heart…or pants. The girl starts to realize this when he tries his best to not let her meet other guys or when he shows too much interest in what all she’s been doing. He doesn’t miss a single excuse to touch or hug her and manages to go from being in the friendzone to the creep alert list.

“Aab kya kerenge aap, bhaiya?”

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4. Double standards dude

This guy can go out whenever he wants, he can party as much as he wants and he can wear whatever outlandish clothes he wants, but he has some set-in-stone expectations from the girl. He wastes no time in informing her of how her behavior, clothes and language are just not girlish enough. Worse, he’ll try and convince her to change everything about herself but still keep all his annoying habits.

“Chal hat!”

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5. Quick escalation guy

A guy like this misinterprets a “Hi” to be a marriage proposal. He is instantly interested in knowing the entire past history of the girl. He asks around to know what sort of “character” she has. All this while the poor girl often won’t even know his full name; of course she’ll know by his reaction what sort of “character” he is.

“Calm down buddy, this ship never docked in the first place.”

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6. Mr Lazybones

Dude is late for the first date, he’s late in wishing her Happy Birthday, and he’s even late while she’s waiting for him alone in some godforsaken place. He takes hours to reply to text messages and his usual excuse is that he was sleeping. This type of guy will bore a girl within a short while of knowing him because seriously, waiting is boring.


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7. Cold feet, hands and heart

Once the girl gives in to his persistence and actually starts dating him, this guy suddenly doesn’t know what he wants. This type of guy actually likes the chase more than the commitment part of a relationship. Once together, all he can do is point out all the flaws in a girl which he wouldn’t want in his life partner.

“Will you make up your mind!?”

What the fuck

8. Must ask Mummy

Full of bhartiya sanskriti, this chap needs parental permission to even look at a girl. For him, Mummy knows best and without her approval, he will not take one little step. While girls always appreciate a guy who keeps his family involved because it is a sign of seriousness in a relationship, allowing your parents to make life decisions for you makes you look spineless.

“Grow up, will you?”

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9. Egomaniac

This sort of guy is so full of himself that girls wonder why he’s even looking for someone else. If all he needs is an audience to hear him list all his wonderful qualities, we’re sure he can bore his friends with that. Most of the time, he asks questions only to laugh at the answer and then prove that he has everything better.

“You win! Now shut up!”

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10. Perfectly Awful

At the face of it, this guy is not so bad. He looks good, dresses well, and makes the girl’s friends all jealous. However, at the heart of it, he’s just too high-maintenance. The perfectly gelled hair, the always shining shoes, the crease-less clothes and gorgeous skin require hours of devotion from him. Hours that keep him away from the girl and turn him more into competition than company.

“You’re waaay prettier than I am!”


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