10 Weirdest Superstitions Of Top Indian Cricketers Which You Didn’t Know About

Updated on 14 Jun, 2018 at 2:49 pm


Superstition is very common in India as Indians particularly believe in increasing their good luck by doing certain actions or encouraging blind beliefs. Not many know that superstition plays a great role even in sports like Tennis and Cricket, which is known to help increase self belief among players. It’s unknown if that reliability actually helps in any practical sense, but if it does, it becomes a custom.



Cricketers are also a bunch of superstitious lot. They rely on certain techniques and gestures, which they believe brings them good luck in matches and in most, even the reason for their continued success.

Here are 10 famous Indian cricketers and their surprising superstitions (you can’t help scrolling down!)


1. MS Dhoni – collects stumps post victory



The cool Indian wicket-keeper is known for not one, but two superstitions! Firstly, he believes in always wearing a special number of jersey (Number 7) which is not hard to miss. Secondly, the 36-year-old batsman also has a habit of collecting a stump to commemorate every victory. He was born on 7th July and hence wears that  number on his jersey.


2. Virat Kohli – has favourite pair of gloves



This super talented cricketer wears the same pair of ‘lucky’ gloves which he believes are the reason behind those hard hitting sixes and match wins. He’s so suspicious of wearing them, that he used to once keep wearing the same pair of gloves in every match – only to realise later, that it’s his sheer talent and hard work for his successful cricketing career. Can’t see that pair anywhere now!


3. Yuvraj Singh – wears birthday number on jersey



Like MS Dhoni, he has two superstitions. The cricketer proudly wears a number ’12’ jersey only because he considers it his lucky number. As is obvious, that is the date of his birthday – he was born on 12th day of the 12th month (December 12).  Yuvi also sports a kalava, which is a black thread that he wears on his wrist as good luck charm.


4. R. Ashwin – carries his lucky bat



This record holder batsman has a superstition with bats. R Ashwin carries a bat, which he believes is not only lucky for him, but for the entire Indian team as well! Hope, he is carrying the same bat this time too. Even though he’s only played two games during the World Cup, he carried it for all the matches which fortunately for him, ended up with India winning.


5. Virender Sehwag – his numberless jersey




Talking of numbers, wearing a numberless jersey is the last thing you’d expect from a top cricketer, but this is true in the case of Viru aka Virender Sehwag. A numerologist once advised Sehwag to change his jersey number 44 to nothing at all and rest they say is history. The previous numbered jersey wasn’t helping Sehwag at all, but after listening to the advice, it changed his game and luck forever.


6. Sourav Ganguly – wore lucky ‘pooja’ threads



Dada aka Saurav Ganguly is known for two superstitions as well. The first one is a religious one most definitely. He is known to wear his guru’s photograph in his pocket at all times whenever he was on field. It’s believed it pocketing him good luck! Secondly, Saurav was always spotted rings and red threads from ‘pooja‘ which he believed were lucky for him. It worked as obvious!


7. Zaheer Khan – carried lucky handkerchief



The Indian paceman is known to carry a set ‘yellow’ handkerchief for luck to every important match possible. The left-arm Indian pace man who is now married to beautiful Sagarika Ghosh, had a luckier charm than her which made him give some amazing spells and build a successful career as well. All thanks to that one hanky!


8. Sachin Tendulkar – his left pad first charm



Did you know that the ‘master blaster’ always put his left pad before the right one? He’s so fixated with one of his lucky bats as well, that he once got it repaired before the 2011 World Cup as that was the one tournament he has always wanted to win. Despite all his god gift, even the god of cricket believes in superstitions. Now we can’t judge anybody after this!


9. Rahul Dravid – right thigh pad first rule



Sachin’s fellow batsman Rahul Dravid does the exact opposite of him 0- he blantenly followed the self-imposed rule of wearing the right thigh pad first. ‘The Wall’ as he’s popularly referred to as, is one of the most technical batsmen cricket has ever seen. But his key to his remarkable career is his ‘right thigh pad first’ rule. We can’t blame him after seeing his track record!


10. Anil Kumble – handed cap to Sachin after win



There may not be an instant picture of this but it’s well known that when Anil Kumble equalled the world record of taking 10 wickets in an innings, he picked up a wicket every time and handed over his cap and sweater to Sachin Tendulkar before balling. For him, Sachin was his lucky charm!