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10 Steps to Kick Depression Out of Your Life

Published on 1 June, 2013 at 8:00 am By

Depression is not only about being sad or upset, it involves a feeling of hopelessness, persistent sadness and helplessness. Moreover it leads to health situations such as insomnia, body pains and lack of energy. In the modern era depression appears to spread like a epidemic. Loss of hope makes your daily life worse and you feel that you start feeling that nothing can be done to make yourself cope up with the situation. But that is not the end of the road and you need to follow some right steps in order the beat the demon of depression. All you need is to stay focused and build a path towards a joyous life.

10. Share your feelings with trusted people


You must stop keeping your issues with yourself and start sharing them with people who love and trust. Keeping yourself isolated from the rest of the world is not right and will further deteriorate your condition. Understanding the fact that if you are secretive about your issues then it will be next to impossible for your friends or family members to get you out of the dilemma. No fight can be won easily and in the case of depression the fight that you will be fighting is with yourself. So in order to find your path towards the joyous life talk about your problems with others as frankly as you can and they just might help you to overcome the situation.

Share your feelings with trusted people

9. Remove the idea of being perfect from your mind

Aiming for extremely high standards in order to attain the tag of a “perfectionist” might be the biggest reason why you stay dissatisfied with most of the things in life. You must accept the reality and strategically plan your way up the ladder. Success and liabilities go hand in hand. The constant urge of reaching the top makes you forget that nothing comes handy in life. In order to stay happy you must stop setting up imaginary self standards by diminishing your negative way of thinking. Keeping yourself busy is the best way of keeping negative thoughts out of your mind. Re-analyse your ambitions and priorities in life so that they fit the realistic scenario better.

Remove the idea of being perfect from your mind

8. Stop socializing with negative people

All of us have a few people in our social circle who spread negativity in all possible aspects. Sometimes it’s hard to avoid them but it must be understood that perhaps their negative ideas are infiltrating our brain and making us lose our path. In such a situation the best way is to avoid such people at all costs and start being around with people who reflect positive vibes. Being optimistic is essential as it keeps our minds on track in the events of difficulty. If the negative ideas stay persistently in your mind then it becomes extremely hard to react appropriately in life changing situations.

Stop socializing with negative people

7. Stop negative behavior

Many depressed people lose control in their life and they occupy themselves with wrong things such as drinking excess alcohol, spending excessive money, play around with others feelings, drug abuse, etc. Doing such things make you drown yourself even further into the pool of negativity. Justifying your bad behavior with a illogical reasons makes you lose respect in front of others. Every time you get troubled thoughts in your mind try focusing on a fruitful activity rather than wasting your time and energy.

Stop negative behavior

6. Take care of your body

One of the best way of keeping your stress level in check is by practicing a relaxation technique.Try inculcating yoga, muscle relaxation, deep breathing or meditation in your daily routine. Try adding a few things in your routine so that your body stays active. You can stop wasting your time in doing self destructive activities and join a nearby gym. It is medically proven that exercising releases a anti depressant chemical in your brain and you start feeling good naturally. Another key factor that should not be overlooked is the importance of a good sleep. Compromising with your sleep aggravates negative thoughts. Waking up dull and fatigued is among’st the most common complaint during depression.

Take care of your body

5. Dietary changes

Our diet has a direct impact on the way we feel. Getting a well balanced diet is a major step in dealing with depression. Eat healthy foods with balanced amounts of protein, fruits, vegetables and complex carbohydrates. Also ensure that you don’t skip meals as it makes you tired and irritable. Ensure a good amount of calcium, omega 3 fatty acids and B vitamins in your diet and cut out sugar and refined carbohydrates at all costs. Eating healthy keeps you occupied with constructive thoughts and energy so that the fight with  depression becomes easier.

Dietary changes

4. Dress up smartly


Dressing up confidently gives you the required boost to pull off a major challenge. The phrase “look good feel good” is not limited only to beauty campaigns. Our impression is defined by the way we look. So in order to gain respect in front of others and most importantly your own self carrying yourself smartly is essential. Being depressed makes us lose interest in self care. Taking some time out for grooming is not hard. Notice the fact that all happy faces that you see in your day to day life carry themselves with utmost confidence. And most importantly happy people stay graceful by not allowing sadness or sufferings to affect their own living standards and ideology.

Dress up smartly

3. Keep yourself occupied with things you love to do

Perhaps your hectic schedule didn’t allow you to focus on your interests and activities. Such activities will give you the zeal and suppress depressing thoughts. Cultivating such activities proves to be one of the major factor to enhance mental health, happiness and   most importantly self-esteem. There are many types of things in which you can engage yourself like household chores, creating something out of your hands, cooking, gardening, gaming or enrolling yourself with any other activity that you wanted to try for a long time. The main causes of depression are all psychological so in order to keep your mind off those worrying thoughts you have to make yourself mentally strong and the best way to do that is to make efforts and do things that you are really interested in.

Keep yourself occupied with things you love to do

2. Help others

Most of the depressing thoughts that we have tend to turn inwards i.e. we curse ourselves for our mistakes repeatedly. To come out of the dilemma our best resort might be to do something for others. You can help people in many different ways like giving charity, lending money, discussing a problem and so on. This will give you a good feeling about yourself. You must understand that troubling your own self is completely unnecessary and same time can be invested in something contributive and effectual.

Help others

1. Create your own strategy


You must try to understand the evil thoughts that come across your mind. Start researching solutions, strategize and come up with your own plan to treat your condition. Depression is a condition when you turn lethargic and everything you think of appears way too hard. So getting rid of such a troublesome feeling cannot be done with a single step and you need to make gradual changes to your day to day routine and thought process. Do not set any high standards, never allow your problems to go unanswered, stop being harsh on yourself and most importantly do not let go of things that you think that you cannot control. Giving up and allowing your problems to continue will make you land in despair. Keep your mind open to all possible solutions and regularly analyse your progress. Accept the reality and understand that the longer you delay your treatment you are degrading your value as a person and beating your own self. The journey to wellness is a matter of few planned steps and while you can’t force yourself to experience pleasure but you can definitely control your life.

Create your own strategy


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