10 Reasons Why Waking Up Early Is Actually Good For Your Health

11:00 pm 7 Aug, 2014

Let’s be honest. We ‘don’t’ enjoy waking up early. You must be wondering whether there ‘can’ actually be any benefits of waking up early in the morning. Well, yes, there are loads. When you come across what good it does to your health, you’ll wonder why you’ve been a bat all these years. Even if you don’t enjoy it, you’ll surely give it a shot after going through the list below. Check out this list, which points out the health benefits that could convert the night owls into morning larks:

10. Cheers to Good Health

This sums up all the points mentioned above. It’s all related to each other – you wake up early, you get to exercise, you get time to finish studies or pending work, you can slowly have your breakfast; you can maintain a good routine and can afford a good and long night’s sleep – all this results in great physical and mental health.

Wake up on time and Bring Good Grades

9. You’ll manage to Keep a Good Daily Routine

A good daily routine is something every human being needs and with which you have parted ways. Once you wake up early, you get time to fix a routine, following which every work of yours gets completed. You actually don’t need to postpone work for the 1am-3am slot. Early rising will see you maintain a routine and following it for the best of results.

Wake up on time and Bring Good Grades

8. Quality and Quantity of Sleep Get Better

Early mornings lead to a good sleep routine (which you are bound to follow) and that in turn greatly boosts your health. Sleeping for a good 7-8 hours on time charges you like none other. However, sleeping at 3 and waking up at 11 will never doo any good. Maintaining the time and the number of hours of sleep is the secret to best health that you’ll ever get from any dietician.

Wake up on time and Bring Good Grades

7. A lot of Time for Completing the Complete Exercise Schedule

Your alarm rang at 5 o’clock and in a fraction of a second you’ve decided to sleep another hour and run the treadmill at double the speed you do usually and then ended up looking like a wet crow gasping for some water. Enough of this madness in the name of exercise that we’ve been doing; waking up early will give you ample time to exercise and rejuvenate yourself. Your mood and your health, all are fit and fine.

Wake up on time and Bring Good Grades

6. Waking up Results in Great Mental Peace

Your mind needs peace, which, it is deprived of. Being a great-spirited night owl might earn you a lot of fun at night, but, in the morning you’re as good as a pet dog after a bath. The best way to get rid of mental lethargy that engulfs you every day is to wake up in the morning and breathe the fresh air around you. It’s time you get rid of your morning blues.

Wake up on time and Bring Good Grades

5. You have a huge Amount of Time that you’ve Never Got Before

Early mornings mean a lot of day time. Okay, you love night time, but once you wake up early you’ll realize the number of pending work that you have finished in record time. No more fishing for reasons to hide the fact that you’ve woke up in the afternoon and hence couldn’t do anything.

Wake up on time and Bring Good Grades

4. Waking up Early makes you More Productive and Responsible

Your brain cells are supposed to work best when you wake up in the morning, which in turn, helps in your productivity. You tend to be a much more intelligent and a pro-active person who is able to take on added responsibilities, yet, stay charming throughout the day. You can, finally bid adieu to that grumpy I-won’t-work face of yours.

Wake up on time and Bring Good Grades

 3. Avoid those Nasty Traffic Jams and Being Sandwiched

Indian cities and traffic jams are directly proportional to each other. Each time you’ve woken up late, you had to be sandwiched between thousands of people trying to find a place inside a vehicle. You can’t change that scenario; all you can do is wake up early, and make sure you get a seat inside a public vehicle. Once you’ve done this, you’ll never wake up late and reach your destination ironed by co-passengers.

Wake up on time and Bring Good Grades

2. You can finally Eat on Time

Early morning means an early breakfast. You must have heard this a million times, that, breakfast should be the best and the biggest meal of the day. Even after knowing this, you have been forced to skip breakfast to meet the demands of your never-ending-morning-sleep. Had you woken up in the morning, you would have good enough time to have a healthy breakfast and stay fit throughout the day. Mornings are always bad if you wake up really late and gulp down the food while swimming in the last reins of your dream.

Wake up on time and Bring Good Grades

1. Wake up on time and Bring Good Grades

It is a proven fact that waking up early results in good marks and higher grades in examinations. Going to the examination hall with bloodshot eyes may seem to you the only option right now, but try waking up early (i.e., sleeping early) and see how refreshed you feel. You will be surprised at your memory. Staying up all night and feeling puke through the exam hasn’t really given you good grades. Try this and see the change.

Wake up on time and Bring Good Grades

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