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10 Reasons Why A Live-action Film On Popeye The Sailor Man Should Be Made

Updated on 15 September, 2014 at 5:47 pm By

Popeye’s been around for over 70 years now. And as one of the most popular cartoon/television shows ever made, I’m surprised it hasn’t hit the theatres in either an animated or a real life movie. Popeye had been adopted as a musical in 1980 with Robin Williams (yes THE Robin Williams) as the lead but beyond that, Popeye’s stagnated to nothingness. Here are 10 definitive reasons to make it a big budget movie.

10. Crossover of several popular characters 


Popeye has seen and taken on several popular characters in his time. There are exclusive episodes in which he encounters and takes out Sinbad. He’s also Aladdin in another, and defeats the Genie. Wasn’t Robin Williams also the Genie in the 1992 animated movie Aladdin? So…it’s like he beat himself up. Interesting!

Crossover of several popular characters

9. Swee’Pea and his history 

Swee’Pea was found on Popeye’s doorstep and is thought to be his nephew. Popeye raised him as his own and calls him Scooner in a later series. The baby is quite intelligent, eventually developing the ability to speak and throw punches. He’s saved Popeye on several occasions and vice versa. But I’d really like to see Swee’Pea’s origins for once, and maybe a movie might address this.

Swee’Pea and his history

8. Popeye has major Self Respect

‘I am what I am and that’s all what I am’….seriously, that’s all what he is. Besides being an official navy recruit, sometimes a fisherman but mostly an adventurer, Popeye doesn’t have much else to add to his qualification. But he’s a prime example of  ‘out-smart me and I’ll bash your brains out’. Plus, he is humble, down to earth and very proud of himself. His tag line, earlier mentioned, went on to become one of the most popularly used line between 1930 and 1960, back when he was just a sketch. We just have to see him fight his way through impossible missions yet again.

Popeye has major Self Respect

7. Anchor Hands


His hands are almost comparable to the Hulk’s, seriously! While his right arm is a normal human arm, his left arm is the size of 3 skateboards combined. It even had a tattoo of an anchor which used to swell when he flexed his muscles or ate spinach. Who wouldn’t pay quality money to see that?

Anchor Hands

6. Wimpy

Possibly a saving grace for the Popeye series, Wimpy provides comic relief from time to time, taking a break from the monotonous fighting. He’s very fond of Hamburgers and always broke (what a sad state of affairs). His famous line ‘I’ll pay you back Tuesday for a Hamburger today’ became very popular with people actually throwing them around in diners. In one episode, he even  managed to trick a diner into serving him over 100 burgers without ever paying for it! He’s a lazy, carefree character and I don’t think the Popeye series would have been complete without him.


5. A real life Olive Oyl? 

The animated series/cartoons made Olive Oyl (Popeye’s girlfriend) look ridiculous. Her combination of a red top, black skirt and receding hairline make her shoes almost impossible to fill. Her voice is quirky and she always manages to get caught somehow. It’d be interesting (and not at all flattering) to see who’d match the description of a real life Olive Oyl.

A real life Olive Oyl?

4. Good Morals 

Popeye always fights for what’s right, you have to give him that. He’s not the brightest guy around but he has a heart of gold an he’ll give it to you too. The morals he displays are exceptional and for any child, it’s a wonder to watch him take on the bad guys no matter how outnumbered he was.

Good Morals

3. He’ll make kids eat spinach 

Spinach isn’t really all that tasty, especially if you’re a kid. When you see it (and broccoli, let’s not forget broccoli), your face’ll just twist for the worst. But seeing what it can do for Popeye is just amazing, and kids actually bought it! During the Depression, Spinach consumption increased 33% and ranked in the top 3 most consumed foods during that era. Now that’s the power of good advertising.

He’ll make kids eat spinach

2. Childhood Hero

If you’ve ever read or watched Popeye, you’d definitely love to watch him again. He’s been a childhood hero for everyone. And the way he defeats Bluto, even against the thickest of odds, has made him a role model for many kids. But it’s also made some of them act out against their parents….okay, maybe that’s just me. But still, it counts!

Childhood Hero

1. It’s a classic ‘Hero Who Always Wins’ tale

Today, film makers are trying to make every character dark, twisted, complicated and sometimes they favor the villain over the hero. That’s become the new standard and I think it’ll be a breath of fresh air to see the hero win without any real logic involved. I mean if a human can consume spinach and become a demi-god, it works for me.


It’s a classic ‘Hero Who Always Wins’ tale


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